Show off your 1911

Bought this Ronin I think 3 years ago, this gun punches way above its weight. Pictured first is what it looked like when I purchased it. Since, I had the sharp edges knocked off, a mag well installed and then hard chromed to finish and some Herretts grips. Hard chroming and edge smoothing was done by Bob Cogan at Accurate Plating/Cogan Customs. He finished by setting the trigger pull at 3.5lbs.


I tried to low-ball my lgs the other day. He wouldn't take it, but he gave me a good deal on this one. I've been admiring it for a few months.
I polished the slide a little. I can't wait to take it apart to polish the rest of it. It's shooting good from the box. It's probably going to be a tack driver.
I love Kimbers more every day.
My last 1911 "experience" was in 1967-68. This Operator is a far cry from the Korea-era issue I had then, but in some ways the same and very familiar. Inaugurated it with 250 rounds of Federal .45/230 - not a single hiccup. I hate using any handgun where I have to break my grip in order to release the magazine - a MidwayUSA oversize mag release took care of that problem quite nicely.