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I wonder why we do not see more rounded main spring housings on modern 1911s.

Personal preference; Some like the arched but it seems most like the flat ones. Manufacturers put flat one on because that is what most people want any more. 1911's were originally made with flat housings but they were chanced to arched, I think when the 1911A1 chances were incorporated. The idea was that the arched would raise point of inpact in snap shooting (cavalry) and solve the low hits they were getting.

I had a Colt (1978) long ago and liked the arched housing and I was going to put an arched one on my Ronin; but after handling it It points good and feels great as it is. I am leaving it with the flat one at leasy for now.
Here is the 1911 I carried on patrol for over 25 years. It's one of the first Rock River Arms 1911. The Shiney blue wore pretty bad so I had one of those ceramic bake on finishes put on. That finish has taken a beating too. The Carbon Creations grips have really held up well. Many rounds and a lot of miles.