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    Bank robbery in Brazil goes wrong

    Brutal. Just brutal. 😢
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    SA-35 Review: Dissecting Springfield’s New Pistol

    I am sorry you guys have had bad experiences with your SA35 I have a couple hundred rounds so far without issue.
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    2022 Football Season

    Buckeyes / Browns / Indians.
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    2022 Football Season

    Follows Jeannie!
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    New member intro

    If you own a gun I think you are in the right place. Unless of course you intend to cause harm that is down the hall.
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    Concealed Carry "Insurance"

    You can't buy insurance for an illegal activity. So this creates havoc among defense services, insurers, and governments.
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    Concealed Carry "Insurance"

    Some of the carriers will charge back expense costs if you are found guilty. Some reimburse only if you are found not guilty. Read them all. What you want is defense cost. That is what matters most I think.
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    Saint Victor Jammed

    Smart move, I think that was the best idea. My first squibs I had the gunsmith clear them. Sometimes, once in a while, you can get the bad build or bad ammo. There are so many things that can happen along the way it would be hard to blame the ammo or rifle until you can check it out.
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    Rock Island Armory A1

    I have one too. Love it.
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    Chuck Cunningham...???

    Me too. I knew who he was. He was in the first couple episodes as I recall.
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    Picking Up Chicks! 😜

    Chicken Chucking
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    Picking Up Chicks! 😜

    Squeezing 1 out.....
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    Picking Up Chicks! 😜

    Work it baby!!
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    Daffy Zone…..

    Here I am choking my chicken......
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    Daffy Zone…..

    I have a client who has a car lot near a freeway exit. A couple years ago some drunk flew off the exit and landed in a dumpster and it rolled into the back of his lot and damaged 6 cars..........this has happened twice!