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    Review: The Ronin EMP

    Is this similar to previous EMPs that were downsized for the 9mm?
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    Does anyone else try

    Love the article title. I can't see myself open carrying for any reason in my current lifestyle.
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    Does anyone else try

    I live in a military town in SW Oklahoma, so this area is 2A friendly. I've seen quite a few folks open carrying and no one gives it a second thought. I've only seen one of those with a quality holster. This individual was carrying a 1911 in a leather holster tucked tight to the body (very nice...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
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    What do you like to listen to in the vehicle

    I listen to positive and encouraging K-Love when I can find it on the radio. https://listen.klove.com/
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    Does your edc have a wml?

    High ready and low ready retention positions will allow you to illuminate the area and not point your WML directly at your intended target. Here is a video with additional considerations.
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    How Life Can Change, A Very Good Thing

    Congratulations, Grandpa! Enjoy every minute.
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    Hornady Security RAPiD Safes 2600KP and 2700KP – Convenient, Tamper-Proof Security

    I have the 2600-series and it works as advertised.
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    Help me pick

    Welcome, aboard.
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    Should training be mandatory? Answer: No!

    Might be time for an intervention.
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    Blades for Self-Defense: Fearsome or Foolhardy?

    That's how I feel when I visit family in California.
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    Veterans Day

    I found this on the Sig YouTube channel.
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    Beware The Cooler

    It resembles the cooler the character "Trip" used to surprise a fisherman in a recent episode of the TV series Yellowstone.