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    National Peace Officer Memorial Day

    Thank you for your service, Sir. I always enjoy your postings filled with words of wisdom. The read reminded me of my time in the service. I met five of my city's finest by accident one time when I was swatted by a 911 caller. I looked out the front door to see them in tactical formation with...
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    Police Week: Thin Blue Line true meaning...

    Much respect for law enforcement. Note. All professions have those that achieve excellence and those that do not. True change comes from within the ranks. It requires intestinal fortitude to call someone out for unprofessional behavior.
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    Smoke ’Em If You Got ’Em: Peters Paper Shells Are Back

    I used to buy these at old gas stations and convenience stores when I was a kid. They definitely have a cool factor.
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    Californians Are Running Out of Handguns the State Will Allow Them to Purchase (Legally)

    If memory serves, I heard Tom from GunTalk mention that each new gun placed on the California allowed list requires two other models be removed.
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    CDC tracked cell phones for Covid Lockdown compliance on over 20+ Million residents

    This is not the first time, and I am sure it will not be the last.
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    XD-M Elite with Hex Dragonfly

    Negative, all stock. It does not bother me, because I cannot see the sights anyway due to aging eyes.
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    XD-M Elite with Hex Dragonfly

    I have the 9mm version and there is no way to cowitness with the factory sights.
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    Another p320 "accidental discharge"

    Has the video in question been released?
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    No issues here.
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    You're good, no worries.
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    Return of the Battle Rifle

    Select special forces and active duty brigade combat teams I would guess.
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    Return of the Battle Rifle

    I am sure America's warfighters will appreciate the larger caliber.
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    I just heard from Les Baer

    Awesome, congrats!
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    Sig WINS - SIG Sauer Wins US Army Next Generation Squad Weapon Contract

    Congratulations goes out to SIG. Providing armed solutions for America's warfighter.