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    DIY Gun Painting: Rattle Can That Rifle!

    I keep thinking about doing this and I always chicken out.
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    The Shotgun Belt Reload – Tactical Reloading Techniques

    Yep, that is the plan. I have a leg rig from three gun, but it isn’t very practical for defensive situations.
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    The Shotgun Belt Reload – Tactical Reloading Techniques

    Does anyone here know where you can buy the placards that Velcro on the side of your shotgun and onto your chest rig?
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    First Look: Springfield Armory’s 5.56mm Hellion Bullpup

    Would like to see a comparison between this and the tavor.
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    Seen them used in 3-gun, and they are a big deal for the best competitors. Can save a stage, but never used one myself.
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    My Must-Have Hunting App: Scout To Hunt

    I use the HuntStand app. It has some great tools and functionality.
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    Came close...

    I love my Edge, but the barrel would be susceptible to heat the more you shoot. When I ran competition I never noticed it though. I think you would have to be shooting lots of bullets in a short amount of time to notice. I do like the weapon as much as my DD. Not sure if it is as durable...
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    Looking at a Sig Cross…any experience?

    Give us an update on how it shoots soon.
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    Sergeant Major/Tula .223

    Picked up a case of this to use for some range time. Anyone have any experience with it? It is the zinc plated stuff. Basically the steel with a zinc plating I guess.
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    Springfield Armory Garrison 1911 Review

    It does look almost exactly like my Loaded from 1997.
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    Springfield Armory Garrison 1911 Review

    Springfield, please give us a 2011 or a high capacity 1911 in 9mm. Please, please, please.
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    Any way to mount Hex Dragonfly to pic rail?

    According to the website, the optic comes with a picatinny mount.
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    Emissary 9mm

    Just got the email that they have the emissary in 9mm. Hello Christmas gift to myself!!!
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    Should training be mandatory? Answer: No!

    Go watch some law enforcement shoot. It can be a little scary.