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    I have the XDM Elite Tactical and am very pleased with the holster I got from JM4 Tactical. It’s the hard molded holster but is leather lined with a leather backing as well. Very well made.
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    HEX Wasp Torture Test: Did It Survive?

    I have a Hellcat RDP and honestly cannot say anything negative about it. Love it!
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    What's Your EDC, PLEASE VOTE

    Conditions dependent... 1. Hellcat RDP 2. Modified Glock Gen5 19X 3. XDM Elite Tactical
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    JM4 TACTICAL… Grrrr
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    Check out JM4 Tactica, their RELIC line is probably what your looking for.
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    Has anyone experienced and wear on the finish of your firearm using a Kydex holster? I have several but for not that long and was just wondering if it's a concern. I found a company that makes a hard shell holster lined with leather, and it got my attention. However I really don't want a drawer...
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    Does your edc have a wml?

    Depends on the condition and environment. My Hellcat RDP has no WML, my Glock 19X does. And the XD Elite Tactical used for home defense has the Surefire X 300 Ultra. I don't believe there is one particular way to carry suitable for all environments and possibilities. But each to their own, what...
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    I put a Hogue grip on my Hellcat and love it. You will too I’m sure.
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    5 Best Micro Compact 9mm Handguns [Review+Video]

    Hard to beat the Hellcat RDP in my opinion. Of course the bottom line is always what's more comfortable for you.
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    911 Vintage Blue .380: Not Just Another Pretty Face

    I saw one at a local dealer and have to say, it looks a lot better than any photos I've seen. I wouldn't mind having one as it is so unique... except I have this Hellcat RDP and can't figure out the advantages of a 911. Hmmmm.
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    What’s the weather like in September in Houston and San Antonio

    Houston is a semi-tropical climate, so it's the humidity that plays a big part in the "feels like" temp. Actual temp. is normally 80's to low 90's. SA is almost a mirror image. But unless your plans include a lot of time outdoors, you'll be fine!
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    Masks and vaccines

    I agree. A lot of information out here today is nothing but propaganda. That is why I said for the right amount of money I bet that same firm would come out with a cute little video supporting the other side.
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    Masks and vaccines

    Bet if this same firm was paid to support getting the vaccine they’d come up with a cute convincing video as well. I say that because I don’t know what to believe any longer. Politicians are full of crap more than ever, or more than we knew anyway, gov’t statistics are questionable, COVID info...
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    Holster For The XDM ELITE

    Decided to go with the Ares Tactical holster. Great guy to work with plus only a 48 hour turn around.
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    😂😏Jokes 2.0🧐🤣