The Rifleman’s Rifle — SAINT 5.56mm


My nieces mother inlaw works at the factory in geneseo, he got a nice family discount on a saint. I wish I could take advantage of the family prices but with the horrible gun laws in the republic of Illinois there's no hope!


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Ok as usual an awesome article and great review on an great firearm but I have one question or maybe expressing some confusion.
What is a picatinny gas block?
Not trying to be a smart a**
The glass block has a small section of picatinny on it, normally the front sight gets mounted on it.

Other options are a low profile gas block that the handguard goes over, or the old gas block that had the "A" style front sight.


finally took mine out over the weekend. Irons sights were dead on at 50 meters...I forgot to loctite the RDS and they fell into a mud puddle on the 15th round...This pandemic has me over using ellipses. Got my paperwork in for my LTCF, eyeballing you, Hellcat.