1. H

    Extended Mags: XD Service Models (XD9101)

    I do wish that for those who own XD service models, Springfield would have extended mags as they do for all other pistols they have. Go from 10, 16, 20, etc.
  2. J

    M1A Hunting ammo

    I have an M1A standard that I plan on hunting white tail in Georgia. I’ve zeroed the rifle with 150 grain FMJ; I am finding it hard to determine a good hunting round that meets the specs for this rifle. What are some good hunting rounds to purchase? Don’t plan on handloading… Thank you for...
  3. OkiePewPew

    Better get your AK ammo fast

    40% of ammo imports come from Russia and a whoooooole lot of that is steel case. As the article mentions it’s a hard stop in the imports and there’s no telling when it’s going to start back up...
  4. S

    +P ammo

    I did search the owners manual and used the search topic in this forum in an effort to determine if the XD-S pistols, both 9mm and .45 ACP are +P rated. I could not locate this point in either location. Does anyone know the answer? Thinking of getting the 45 and haven’t own one previously...
  5. kraythe

    M1A Ammo?

    I have purchased an M1A Loaded and I am working on figuring out what round the firearm likes for accuracy. I would be interested to hear opinions on what has worked well for shot groups and reliable placement at 300+. I also bought some bulk ammo just to "have around" given the shortage and...
  6. LicensedToPill

    Recommendations for 12 Gauge Ammo for Home Defense

    I know there are many factors that contribute to the type of weapon and ammo used for home defense. I currently have a Mossberg 500 ATI Tactical 12 gauge. I have a wife, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Everyone sleeps in the same room together at night. I still have concern about over-penetration due to my...
  7. LicensedToPill

    Best .380 ACP Self Defense Ammo for Pocket Carry

    I don’t want this to be a discussion about caliber. I carry IWB everyday, but there are some occasions where that is not an option. I’m looking to get a pocket gun for concealed carry for the times I may need to conceal in my pants pocket or blazer. I am 5’6” and 150 lbs. In order to pocket...