Let's see your AR setups...

No problem. There are different ones out there. I'll be switching this out for the ARMaglock Gen 4 and Kingpin. I believe it makes it easier to deal with double feeds. Which I have dealt with on this set up.
Here's why I want to switch to setups.

I pushed out the front take down pin which breaks the action just a bit, but it's not enough to release the mag. Then I squeeze the Quick Pins to break the rear action so the upper can move a bit, then the mag drops which drops one of the stuck rounds. Once it drops, I close it back up, close the front pin, then cycle the charging handle a few times until the other round ejects.

It's not ideal, but it works.

Reno May has a good video on it:

Now, if one doesn't want all this in CA, you can go with a fin grip or another stock that doesn't have a pistol grip and you can retain the standard mag release set up.
I have one of these as well. That dreaded flipper looking piece is ugly as hell and removes the joy of shooting.
Tricked out the .22 AR with some NFA stamps and accessorcies…
Turned a $350 gun into $$$… oh our hobbies 🤣🤣🤣
It is one quiet SOB.. like whisper quiet 🙂
I believe I have posted most of these before in various stages of upgrades/evolution. Just finished upgrading/modernizing the carbine. Brace rule approved on 3. Right now I think I've got them all where I want them.

These are my shooters -

Top clockwise -
1 - Angstadt Arms UDP-9 - binary trigger, swapped out original grip, buffer tube, and handguard
2 - Silverback arms built carbine
3 - Saint Edge Pistol (now SBR)- 556
4 - Saint Edge Pistol (now SBR) - with built 300AAC upper

Sig 716i TREAD Snakebite SE (what a mouthful!), Tango LPVO, 7.62 Titanium Can, Lancer Mags, BMC foregrip, Olight Odin Mini WL and Magpul bipod. Also, the Mechanix can cover is pure shite as it's got a seam inside the can that melts! The sling is a 3-for-$21 Amazon Chinese knock-off that turned out to be awesome as it can switch between 2-point and single-point attach by moving one QD!

Sig M400

Started out as an M400 Hunter, dropped on a Model 1 Sales A2 upper, Aimpoint carry handle cantilever mount, and an Aimpoint PRO

Springfield Saint Victor, the newest of the collection.

I made a few changes to the stock rifle. Namely an A1 pistol grip, Troy fixed HK pattern front sight, Troy folding rear sight, and a Meprolite M21 for glass.
These are my current favorites

My take on the GAU5

Troy upper, locally produced lower, internals are from the spares box, been my truck gun for about a year.


A Troy commemorative, their Mogadishu A2 Carbine

Just mounted the Aimpoint 9000SC, and got a rough BZO yesterday.

Between the two, I don't know which I like more.
Here's my take on the A4. FN Collector series.
I had a carry handle on it for a while and then got the parts together to make it more like a Marine issued rifle.
The correct KAC rear sight was found on Gunbroker, the ACOG from Optics Planet, I think.

I have the correct issue Surefire light, but this thing is heavy enough as it is.
Now, for the real Oddball of ARs..........

The CMMG Mutant, a "mid-sized" AR, that shoots 7.62X39, from AK magazines.
It's getting ready for a Surefire brake, and a Warden.
It's scary accurate, and loves steel cased ammo. As a matter of fact, it's the ONLY AR I'll voluntarily feed steel cased ammo to.