1. J

    New Emissary 4.25

    New Emissary owner. Need a light and both iwb OWB suggestions. I have micros for concealed carry, but it’s winter let’s get used to large carry, iwb and OWB. Thanks for your info in advance 😉
  2. J

    Holster for XDm Elite 3.8 with laser

    Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I am searching for a holster that will hold my XDm Elite 3.8 with a Crimson Trace CMR-206 laser. I really like some of the crossbreed holsters but have been unsuccessful in finding a holster that will work. I would prefer OWB but at this...
  3. J

    XD Mod.2 5"

    Some time ago, I bought an XD Mod.2 5" in 9mm, double stack w/ Grip Zone. I'm looking for a new holster and some upgrades but I am struggling to find anything. My biggest issue is that when I look anything up I usually get results for XDs Mod.2 and that isn't helpful. I'm just hoping to find...
  4. H

    Holster For XDM Elite 4.5" OSP 9mm

    Good Day All, I'm trying to find a good "Conceal Carry" holster to accommodate my XDM Elite 4.5" with an Olight Baldr Pro R laser/light attached to it. My firearm also has the 5.25" threaded barrel. Please provide a few suggestions I can select from. Thank you in advance...
  5. fordag

    DeSantis 1911 holsters - now molded specifically for SIG profile slides.

    I just purchased a DeSantis Mad Max for my Mil-Spec. I was surprised when I received it to see that the holster was clearly molded for a SIG Sauer 1911 and not the standard slide profile. The holster fails the drop test, hold it upside down and the gun s slide right out. You can see light...
  6. Mr. Untactical

    Hellcat OSP - IWB EDC Holster Options

    With apologies for the do-over since there are other threads in the forum concerning this subject. I thought since the holster landscape changes rapidly, it would be reasonable to poll the audience and get a fresh perspective on the best IWB EDC holster options for a Hellcat OSP. I've heard...
  7. A

    XDM ELITE 3.8 9mm holster

    Looking for a OWB leather holster for use at the range. Have two for Taurus G3C IWB that I can't use. Any advice?
  8. Mr. Untactical

    Drop holster needed: XDM Elite Tactical OSP (9mm)

    Proud owner of an XDM Elite Tactical OSP (9mm) and looking for OWB holster recommendations. Belt is 5.11 Tactical double belt rig; outer belt is 2". Primary holster use will be range work and training. I've checked with Safari and they don't make the shell for this Springfield model - shame...
  9. M

    Need Holster

    Hello all, I’m new here as of this minute lol so I apologize in advance for anything and everything.lol I am having a difficult time finding a holster for the Springfield XDS-45 4.0” I think I’m saying that right. He purchased a couple that said it would fit but too loose. It is a compact with...
  10. mechev14

    XDM 10mm 4.5 Holster

    Anyone know the brand that makes the leather holster in XDM 10mm 4.5 marketing material. The hiker crossing the stream. Thanks