1. HunterAutry12

    LAS Concealment holster.

    Just FYI. The LAS Holster shogun for the prodigy is the most expensive piece of crap possible for the prodigy. Do NOT BUY. extremely uncomfortable extreme lack of integrity in the product itself. Very very disappointing for this extreme lead time and $80 price point.
  2. J

    New Emissary 4.25

    New Emissary owner. Need a light and both iwb OWB suggestions. I have micros for concealed carry, but it’s winter let’s get used to large carry, iwb and OWB. Thanks for your info in advance 😉
  3. J

    Holster for XDm Elite 3.8 with laser

    Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I am searching for a holster that will hold my XDm Elite 3.8 with a Crimson Trace CMR-206 laser. I really like some of the crossbreed holsters but have been unsuccessful in finding a holster that will work. I would prefer OWB but at this...
  4. J

    XD Mod.2 5"

    Some time ago, I bought an XD Mod.2 5" in 9mm, double stack w/ Grip Zone. I'm looking for a new holster and some upgrades but I am struggling to find anything. My biggest issue is that when I look anything up I usually get results for XDs Mod.2 and that isn't helpful. I'm just hoping to find...
  5. H

    Holster For XDM Elite 4.5" OSP 9mm

    Good Day All, I'm trying to find a good "Conceal Carry" holster to accommodate my XDM Elite 4.5" with an Olight Baldr Pro R laser/light attached to it. My firearm also has the 5.25" threaded barrel. Please provide a few suggestions I can select from. Thank you in advance...
  6. fordag

    DeSantis 1911 holsters - now molded specifically for SIG profile slides.

    I just purchased a DeSantis Mad Max for my Mil-Spec. I was surprised when I received it to see that the holster was clearly molded for a SIG Sauer 1911 and not the standard slide profile. The holster fails the drop test, hold it upside down and the gun s slide right out. You can see light...
  7. Mr. Untactical

    Hellcat OSP - IWB EDC Holster Options

    With apologies for the do-over since there are other threads in the forum concerning this subject. I thought since the holster landscape changes rapidly, it would be reasonable to poll the audience and get a fresh perspective on the best IWB EDC holster options for a Hellcat OSP. I've heard...
  8. A

    XDM ELITE 3.8 9mm holster

    Looking for a OWB leather holster for use at the range. Have two for Taurus G3C IWB that I can't use. Any advice?
  9. Mr. Untactical

    Drop holster needed: XDM Elite Tactical OSP (9mm)

    Proud owner of an XDM Elite Tactical OSP (9mm) and looking for OWB holster recommendations. Belt is 5.11 Tactical double belt rig; outer belt is 2". Primary holster use will be range work and training. I've checked with Safari and they don't make the shell for this Springfield model - shame...
  10. M

    Need Holster

    Hello all, I’m new here as of this minute lol so I apologize in advance for anything and everything.lol I am having a difficult time finding a holster for the Springfield XDS-45 4.0” I think I’m saying that right. He purchased a couple that said it would fit but too loose. It is a compact with...
  11. mechev14

    XDM 10mm 4.5 Holster

    Anyone know the brand that makes the leather holster in XDM 10mm 4.5 marketing material. The hiker crossing the stream. Thanks