saint victor

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    Keep waiting or get what I can get

    Been waiting for 6 weeks now for a Saint Victor 556 model. Getting concerned I will not get one before November. Debating getting what I can get now or just keep waiting for what I really want. I did find 4 at another online place but they wanted 50% more than the place I want to purchase it from.
  2. J

    Saint Victor - Bravo Charging Handle Replacement?

    I recently purchased my new Saint Victor AR-15 5.56 and I’m going to replace the charging handle. I purchased the Bravo Company Manufacturing Gunfighter Ambidextrous 4x4 Charging Handle - is it compatible? What other charging handles has anyone purchased?
  3. S

    Saint Victor 308 18" barrel

    Hello everyone, I've been in search of a 308 AR however if I possible id like to run an 18-inch barrel, has anyone heard anything about them possible offering an 18-inch version of the rifle? I know I could change out the barrel, however, I would like to be able to pick it up and get at it...