1. P

    New-Gun-Owner Question About Ported Barrels, 1911's and Stuff

    Hey All, Have an SA 1911 Range Officer on order (and several months to wait) and I have my eye on this ammo for the range when the gun actually gets here. CCI says not to use this in a ported barrel. I read up on what a ported barrel is, but I have no idea in the 1911 I ordered has one, the...
  2. OkiePewPew

    Help me decide!!

    Hello fellow Springfield fans!!! I have always wanted a 1911 and it’s time to scratch that itch. I’ve been saving up my pennies and selling my blood so hopefully by the end of the year I can get whatever my heart desires. And that’s where you come in. Below are the models I’ve been looking at...
  3. K

    45 GAP ammo versus 45 ACP for 1911 Range Officer Operator

    It has been impossible to get ammo. Today I could see I could get 1,000 rounds of 45 GAP. I have only ever shot .45 ACP in my 1911 RO Operator. Can 45 GAP be used in the 1911 Range Officer 1911? Thanks in advance!
  4. S

    Ambi Safety on Elite Operator 1911 not working properly out of the box

    Hey guys. New here. Just bought brand new a Springfield Armory RO Elite Operator 10mm 1911 the other day. Love it (don't love the feed issues from the shitty mags that come with it though). I ordered new chip mccormick(?) mags to hopefully fix the problem of hollowpoints/flat nose rounds...
  5. Springfield Armory Addict

    Springfield Armory Ronin Operator 4.25 45acp

    It’s nice to have a smaller lightweight 1911 back in my collection. Weighing just 29.5oz and sporting a forged aluminum alloy frame, it should be a nice addition to my EDC rotation. The finish is superb. The satin aluminum cerakote on the frame, matches well with the blued slide and wood grips...
  6. C

    1911 EMP4 CC Feed Issue

    A few month's ago I bought a 1911 EMP® CHAMPION™ CONCEALED CARRY CONTOUR 9MM and because of scheduling issues wasn't able to shoot it until a few month's after. In doing so I had a slide/feed issue after every shot. Took it to the vendor I bought it from, they oiled it up and using their ammo it...
  7. F

    IWB holster for 1911 EMP 4?

    I’m looking for the correct IWB holster for an EMP 4 (9mm) I just got and I was on alien gear site and I’m just not sure which one will fit it correctly. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Breach&Bang

    Range Officer Elite Operator in 9mm

    Since this is now discontinued I picked one up. I'm not that knowledgeable with 1911's and was wondering if this model has issue with magazines over 8 rounds in capacity and if not what are some good after market magazines to buy that won't destroy my bank account. Mec-Gar any good? Looking to...
  9. N

    Gear for 1911 TRP Operator

    Just got a 1911 TRP operator yesterday, curious as to what light attachment/laser attachments people are using on this gun?
  10. LicensedToPill

    Ronin Aftermarket Night Sights

    Hey guys! I’m interested in buying the 1911 Ronin Operator .45 ACP at some point in the future, and I would want to change out the stock sights for Truglo Tritium Night Sights. The issue I’m having are the dovetail cut dimensions and the heights on the front and rear sights. I reached out to...