G-Code RTI Holster System Review

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G-Code RTI Holster System Review

December 9th, 2022

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More than a year ago, I was looking for my first quick-detach holster system as I planned to set up my first “battle belt”. Grant was setting up a new battle belt for himself since his old one was on its last legs. He decided to go with a mounting system that was new to me, the G-Code RTI hanger system.

g code rti holster review
The GTI system from G-Code offers users a highly adaptable and modular system for their needs.

My curiosity was piqued, so I did a little research on the company and the product. G-Code has been around for a while, and they apparently make some top-notch gear. One piece of gear of theirs that is particularly popular is their Scorpion Mag Pouches. The Scorpion system is fantastic for people who review plenty of guns like we do because their shape and construction allow you to use nearly any rifle, carbine or pistol magazine with them.

The Scorpion pouches are softshell polymer magazine carriers with bungee cords designed to provide adaptable tension. The bungees are high-quality bungees, leading me to believe they would last for years. They also come in a variety of colors so you can match any of your gear.

g code magazine holder
G-Code is the maker of the Scorpion magazine carrier, which is a polymer magazine pouch for either rifle or pistol magazines that universally fits all handgun mags and 5.56mm mags.

G-Code also makes high-quality holsters. The Kydex on these holsters is very thick; duty-level thick. They offer holsters with optic cuts, Level 2 retention, weaponlight compatibility, and in a variety of colors including Multi-cam. As you might expect, their holsters come equipped with RTI (Rapid Transition Interface) hangers.

They have holsters for most mainstream and duty sidearm guns including quite a few of the XD and XD-M models. However, there are a few popular choices or recent models missing from their line-up, and this could possibly leave you high and dry if you are set on having a G-Code brand holster. But don’t fear, there is good news!

A New Option

The good news is really what I’m here to talk about today. That bit of good news is the RTI hanger from G-Code. This is a mount similar to the Safariland QLS fork but, in my opinion, it’s better. Now, if you’re loyal to Safariland, know that I’m not dogging them. While I agree that Safariland has been the company that has set the bar for duty holsters, the RTI hanger is a smaller footprint, sturdier mount.

g code holster
G-Code makes their own holsters and they are very stout. These holsters have a great fit and are made from thick Kydex.

The RTI hanger is comprised of a small triangular piece that has three male attachment points that contain the mounting screws themselves. With some thread lock on the mounting screws, the RTI mount provides a mounting solution that is rock solid.

The RTI mount comes in a few variations, which is another big draw to this system. There is the smaller RTI holster triangle attachment piece, and then there is the larger triangle piece that is used for things like pouches that you might want to quickly detach. Then there is also another triangle RTI shape specifically for converting your Safariland holsters over to the RTI mount.

I told you there was good news! Yup, that means if you want to switch to this smaller footprint, less bulky metal mounting system by G-Code, you can do that without selling all your Safariland holsters and starting over. All you would need to do is unthread the QLS fork on your holster and attach this RTI mount meant for Safariland holsters.

g code rti connector
G-Code sells male RTI hangers so that custom holster workers can build holsters for their platform or so that you can swap out your Safariland QLS fork holsters to fit the RTI system.

On the market, you can also find many holster manufacturers who make holsters with the RTI mount such as T Rex Arms, Tier 1 and I’m sure there are others, including custom holster manufacturers in your area.

The Other Side

The female mounting surface of the RTI hanger system is also golden. It is flat and can mount to anything. Seriously, they thought of everything with this. The G-Code mount comes in a belt slide, paddle holster, tactical drop leg holster or mid-drop holster, and can affix to MOLLE, making it mountable on nearly any surface.

mounting plate for g code rti holster
G-Code makes an RTI mount back specifically for mounting securely to MOLLE. This would work great for mounting a pistol holster onto a MOLLE vest.

Plus, in theory, you can even screw it to any surface if you buy one of their plain mounts. You could literally screw this mount to your car dash, a bed frame or the inside of your office desk and mount your holster right there for quick access. Every time I think I’ve found every way one could use the RTI hanger system, another idea pops in my head only for me to realize that it would be possible with this mount.

A small thing that can make a big difference is that this mount has holsters pop straight on and straight off. So, there is no need to have clearance above the holster to slide it down in a track. This means you can mount this in tighter spaces because the holster just sits on the mount then locks.


I am extremely impressed with the G-Code RTI system, which is why I wanted to write this article. I’m beyond pleased with my purchase and decision to use the RTI mounts, and I’m sure you would be too. If you need one last bit of information to persuade you, the RTI male mounts are $11, which is super cheap for the quality and versatility you are getting in my opinion. Do yourself a solid and go to G-Code’s website a peruse all the possibilities!

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