Springfield Armory 911: 5 Reasons

By Firearm Patriot
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Springfield Armory 911: 5 Reasons

September 28th, 2019

8:16 runtime

I’m offering you my top five reasons why I carry the Springfield Armory 911 pistol in today’s video. I think these five things set this single-action .380 handgun apart from the competition.

In no specific order, here is my list:

  1. Magazines
  2. Grips
  3. Size & Weight
  4. Combat Sights
  5. Trigger


Springfield includes two magazines with the 911 pistol: one is a flush-fitting 6-round magazine, while the second is an extended magazine that holds an additional round.


The magazines are rock solid, with the base plate, follower and body made of stainless steel. They feel great in the hand and have performed superbly in my testing.

Possibly the most overlooked feature about these 911 magazines is how inexpensive they are. Only $24 straight from Springfield Armory at the time I am writing this. That’s a great price!

Hogue Thin Line G10 Grips

In my book, you can make or break a 1911-style pistol with the grips you fit it with. This is especially true in a compact pistol like the Springfield 911.

Springfield Armory elected to use the Hogue Thin Line grips on the 911. As the name implies, the grips do not add a lot of bulk to the pistol to make concealing it harder. However, they have an aggressive grip pattern to lock the gun into your hand when shooting. As a bonus, the same design looks terrific on the weapon.

Hogue makes the grip panels using a product called G10. G10 is a laminate material meaning it has multiple layers that are bound together with a special epoxy. G10 is exceptionally durable and is one of the go-to materials for both gun and knife designers. These grips should last the lifetime of the gun with little appreciable wear from everyday activities.

Size and Weight

It should be evident to the casual observer, but the 911 is designed for concealed carry. So, small size is to be expected. However, I feel they got the size and weight of this handgun just right.

Overall, the gun measures 5.5” in length. The barrel is 2.7”, which seems to be enough for most .380 ACP cartridges to build up a reasonable amount of velocity for self-defense work. Unloaded, the gun weighs 12.6 ounces.

Since the 380 is a light recoiling cartridge, the gun’s weight and size are proportional to the recoil. For most people, the modest recoil of the gun will be manageable if not outright comfortable. Not only will you carry this pistol, but you will be happy to practice with it as well.

Combat Sights

Springfield leaves the competition in the dust with the selection of the Pro-Glo sights from Ameriglo. These sights are set up for legitimate combat purposes with a combination of tritium and photoluminescence for bright aiming dots in all lighting conditions.

The rear sight is a wide U-notch that helps you quickly pick up the front sight in stressful conditions. Further, the rear sight has a flat front that allows you to use it for one-handed slide manipulation. While running the slide one-handed is a rare thing in a self-defense shooting, it is a possibility. Should you find yourself in this worst-case scenario, the Springfield 911 is equipped to help you win.

The Trigger

For a small gun, the 911 has a great trigger. Heck, the crisp pull of the 911 trigger will hold its own against that of any size gun. To me, the pull feels like it is straight back and horizontal with the deck. The break is clean, and the reset is short.

G10 Trigger on Springfield 911 Pistol

Interestingly, Springfield uses a G10 trigger shoe from Hogue. This is the same super-durable laminate material used in the 911 grips. I like the feel of it and know it will likely outlast me.

With the trigger in the 911, I have a high degree of confidence when I’m on the range. I know I won’t pull shots due to a long pull or gritty break. That confidence allows for precise shooting, and I know I can make the shot if I ever have to protect myself against a predator.

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Firearm Patriot

Firearm Patriot

Firearm Patriot is a former Captain in U.S. Army, former Special Assistant U.S. Attorney as well as Legal Representative to the Fort Knox Law Enforcement Command, Personal Confinement Facility and Regional Confinement Facility. He was assigned to the 194th Armor Brigade and was honored to receive The Army Commendation Medal. While stationed at Fort Knox, he witnessed the aftermath of a mass shooting by a civilian employee. This enhanced his already strong support for the Second Amendment as he recognized that had the victims been armed they might have protected themselves. Firearm Patriot is a Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon Instructor.

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