Would You Drink This To Survive?

By Kit Perez
Posted in #Survival
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Would You Drink This To Survive?

November 14th, 2019

4 minute read

You can stockpile all the food, guns, and ammo in the world, but if you don’t have clean drinking water you are done. While you may be able to go a few weeks without food, you won’t make it past just one week without water. So, any guess what you might want to prioritize in your prepping kit?

The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle from Survivor Filter gives you a small, light, and handy means of getting clean, drinkable water.

Water purification is one of the cornerstone issues that survivalists and preppers face. Any prepared soul has a means to make dirty or even just questionable water drinkable. There are many ways to do it and some of it depends on personal preference — or where you’re going. Even if you’re not planning a trip to the backcountry, potable water might still be an issue for you in the form of tap water you’re uncomfortable with drinking.

Enter the Survivor Filter ACTIVE Filtration Bottle, which provides the ultimate assurance for anyone concerned with the quality of municipal tap water and looking for a very simple and easy-to-use system.

The entire system is made up of just three parts: the bottle, the filter and the lid.

How Does It Work?

Operating the bottle is about as easy as it gets. The entire assembly is only three pieces: the bottle itself, the lid and the filter, the latter of which sits between the two parts. To use it you simply fill the bottle, insert the filter and screw the lid back in place. Squeeze the bottle and drink as the filtered water passes through. The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle will filter 100 gallons — eliminating the need for around 400 one-liter single-use water bottles.

The filter is designed to clean 100 gallons of water, and can be easily replaced.

The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle is claimed to filter 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic chemicals and heavy metals. The ionic absorption filter is designed to improves taste, while the whole system has been tested to meet ANSI/NSF Standards 42&53 — levels that match or exceed in-home filtration systems. In other words, it does exactly what it says and does it very well.

 Why You Need It

It’s easy to get caught up in the “gadgetry” of survival. There are hundreds of tools and gadgets that you don’t really need; the ACTIVE Filtration Bottle, however, isn’t one of them. One of the best parts about it is that it’s made and independently tested in the United States. I always prefer American-made goods whenever possible, so that is a major plus for me.

Unlike many other filtration systems, the ACTIVE filter bottle has a great flow rate that lets you hydrate fast.

The ease of use alone is worth the price; you’re already going to carry and/or pack water on any hiking, hunting, or backcountry trip. Why not carry a water bottle that does the filtration work for you? There are no extra parts to fiddle with or take with you, nothing to break, and there’s no priming or playing with it. Dump water in, put the filter and lid on, drink. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle sells for $40, which is a pretty screaming deal when you do the math. How often are you buying bottled water? Add that cost up over a year. Even if you’re only drinking one bottle per day, that cost adds up to far more than the cost of this tool.

The internal filter and simple design allows for excellent flow without sacrificing filter capability.

With 100 gallons of filtration before you’ll need a replacement filter — which sells for only $20 — you’ll be looking at some serious savings, both up front and over the long term. Even if you never set foot in the woods, the bottle will pay for itself in just a few weeks with permanent savings.

Reality Check

“Most Americans are rightfully concerned about the water quality coming from their taps,” said Survivor Filter owner Mark Zakaib. “If you’re traveling, in a hotel, or even at home, you may want an extra layer of assurance. The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle provides just that. This is one filtration system you can take with you, anywhere.”

The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle is ready to go anywhere.

Whether you’re in the woods, in an urban setting, or even just sitting on your couch, the ACTIVE Filtration Bottle can keep you hydrated while making sure your water is safe, drinkable, and good tasting.

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Kit Perez

Kit Perez

Kit Perez is a deception/intelligence analyst, author, and homesteader. Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book 1, her book co-written with Claire Wolfe, is available on Amazon. She lives in the mountains of western Montana where she raises dairy goats and Kune Kune pigs in a constant push toward total self-sufficiency. Kit also serves as an EMT on her local fire department.

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