Hilton Yam 1911 Duty Tune: Fitting & Tuning

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Hilton Yam 1911 Duty Tune: Fitting & Tuning

November 8th, 2020

21:14 runtime

Editor’s Note: This video series is a special presentation from Panteao Productions, providing The Armory Life with an excerpted series of videos from its “Make Ready with Hilton Yam: 1911 Duty Tune”. Stay tuned over the next several Sundays to see each new installment, and there is a link at the bottom of the page to a special subscription promo for you. So, be sure to check it out!

This video is the fourth of the series. You can view the other parts using the following links:

In this fourth excerpt from “Make Ready with Hilton Yam: 1911 Duty Tune”, we take a look at the next several sections that cover reassembly of your pistol, as well as fitting and tuning some parts.

In this series, Hilton Yam and Panteao Productions show you how to tune your 1911 duty pistol.

Diving In

First up, Yam discusses reassembling your 1911 pistol. His first step is fitting a new ejector, and ensuring that it is tuned for any “worst-case scenario” you might face. He mentions that Murphy’s Law will ensure that the worst that can happen will happen, so it’s best to prepare for it.

Yam details the nuances of proper ejector fitting on the 1911.

Next up, he touches on plunger tube installation, followed by extractor fitting. On the latter, he points out that this is the heart of the functioning of the gun, and is probably the most important part. As he explains in the video, these parts have a finite life, so maintaining them — and replacing as needed — is a must when working on your 1911. While he cautions this is the case deeper into the roundcount life of a pistol, it is still something that should be considered.

Next Step

After the installation and fitting of these important parts, Yam then gets into further reassembly steps, including the mainspring housing and fitting of a trigger. One point he closely focuses on is the slide stop, explaining how things like +P ammunition and other considerations can cause this part to “bounce” and lock open the slide early. From replacing the plunger spring and pin to ensuring proper fitting, Yam gives you the info you need to address this concern.

Yam is shown here showing the importance of the interface between the plunger tube and the slide stop lever.


So, check out the video above, and be sure to stay tuned over the coming Sundays to see each new installment!

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