Top 5 Springfield XD Holsters

By Bailey Winfree
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Top 5 Springfield XD Holsters

October 9th, 2022

4 minute read

You recently picked up the 9mm XD 4″ Service Model. Combining an excellent price with rugged durability and proven reliability, it is a great self-defense partner for you. The pistol features steel three-dot sights, a strip of accessory rail on the dustcover for lights or lasers, and hammer-forged barrel with a tough Melonite finish.

top 5 springfield xd holsters
The Springfield Armory XD line of pistols enjoys extensive support from holster makers. The Crucial Concealment holster shown above is one great example.

Now that you have picked up this proven polymer-framed handgun, you may want to add a holster so that you can carry your newest purchase. Here is my selection of top five holsters for the XD 4” Service Model sold at the Springfield Armory Online Store.

DeSantis Slim-Tuk Ambi IWB Holster

Desantis Slim-Tuk Ambi IWB holster for the XD (also available for the XD-M and XD-M Elite pistols as well) is designed to accept the 4” XD. This minimalist holster, made from rugged yet lightweight Kydex, is fully ambidextrous. This is achieved through a design that allows for the hardware to be reversed from right- to left-handed.

desantis slim tuk ambi holster for springfield xd
Kydex is an excellent holster material. DeSantis uses it to its full potential in the Slim-Tuk rig for the XD series of pistols.

The Slim-Tuk holster features an inside-the-waistband (IWB) style for maximum concealability, is fully adjustable for tension and cant, has a rugged 1.75” clip, and it is compatible with both 9mm and .40 versions of the pistol. The price of the holster on the store is $39.99 and can be found here.  

DeSantis Pro Stealth Ambi Holster

Designed for both maximum concealment as well as comfort, the DeSantis Pro Stealth Ambi Holster is made from premium padded ballistic nylon. It is fully ambidextrous as the clip can be removed and inserted on the opposite side for left- or right-hand carry.

desantis pro stealth holster for xd9
Padded nylon is preferred by some people for its affordable price and relative comfort compared to harder materials.

For durability as well as low-visibility, the Pro Stealth holster for the XD 4” Service Model features 1¾” powder-coated black spring clip to attach this holster to your belt, as well as a spare magazine pouch for back-up firepower. The price of the holster is $47.99, and you can find it here.

DeSantis Sof-Tuk Holster

The DeSantis Sof-Tuk Holster for the 4” XD Service Model is an inside-the-waistband (IWB) style holster that is made from no-slip suede. To ease use while carrying, the holster is reinforced at the top with saddle-grade leather to aid in reholstering.

desantis sof-tuk holster for xd9
The Sof-Tuk holster combines traditional leather with a polymer J-hook to give you a comfortable holster that you can tuck a shirt in over.

The holster comes in both left- and right-hand variants, depending on your need. The Sof-Tuk holster features an adjustable cant and can be worn strong side or crossdraw. The price of the holster is $42.99, and you can find it here.

Crucial Concealment Covert Ambi IWB Holster

This inside-the-waistband holster from Crucial Concealment, the Covert Ambi IWB Holster, is made from tough Kydex and is perfect for the XD 4” Service Model. This offers users a low-profile and discreet holster that delivers a blend of rugged durability with a thin and low-profile design.

crucial concealment holster for xd
Crucial Concealment offers holsters for many Springfield Armory handguns, including the ever-popular XD line.

This holster features a fully ambidextrous design for both left- and right-hand use, and a fully adjustable cant with a full range of forward and rear tilt. It also features a proprietary clip made from high-strength polymer, a trigger bump to push the handgun in towards the body for maximum concealability, and adjustable retention. The price of the holster is $65.99, and you can find it here.

XD Paddle Holster, Left-Hand

For you southpaws out there, there is the XD Paddle Holster for left-hand use. Designed for minimalist carry with minimal bulk combined with maximum security, the XD Paddle Holster is designed for outside-the-waistband (OWB) carry.

left hand paddle holster for xd
For a minimalist paddle carry at a great price, the XD Gear-branded holster might be what you are looking for.

Produced from low-profile black polymer for impressive strength in a very compact package, the XD Paddle Holster is designed for ease of carry for your XD 4” Service Model. The price of the holster is just $12.99, and you can find it here.


Well, there it is: A list of top five XD 4” Service Model holsters. This round-up showed a wide range of prices, styles and materials. Between these five holsters, I’m sure there is something for everyone depending on their budget, needs, lifestyle, etc.

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Bailey Winfree

Bailey Winfree

Bailey Winfree was born and raised in Geneseo, Illinois. She grew up knowing Springfield Armory quite well, as her father has been an employee of the company for as long as she has been alive. From a young age, she was taught firearm safety and learned how to shoot from her father. Because she grew up around Springfield Armory, she has always had an immense love for the company. Now, she is a Senior at St Ambrose University, studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication and Marketing.

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