Review: 5.11 LV10 2.0 Sling Pack

By Scott Conditt
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Review: 5.11 LV10 2.0 Sling Pack

March 19th, 2023

5:14 runtime

Scott Conditt returns to The Armory Life to offer a 5.11 LV10 2.0 Sling Pack review. This bag offers a deep bench of features while remaining compact. Does the sling nature of the bag work? Conditt’s real-world field testing of the LV10 2.0 is documented below.

Chevy versus Ford. 1911’s and single-stack mags versus polymer-framed double stacks. Chocolate versus vanilla. Life is full of choices, and for every set of choices, there will be those who adhere almost dogmatically to their staunch preference, one way or the other.

review of the 5.11 lv10 sling pack
While not initially a fan of single-strap bags, the author endeavored to give the 5.11 LV10 2.0 sling pack a fair shake. You might be surprised by his analysis.

When I was young, one of the great debates was whether or not you ought to wear your backpack to school with a single or a double strap. In those high school hallways, this seemingly mundane style choice could project more social nuance about one’s character and personality than you might think was possible.

The low-slung, single-strap look indicated a rebellious spirit and casual-cool style that said “I’ve got better places to be” for most during my academic heyday. The skaters, the punks, the metalheads, the cool jocks and cheerleaders in the in-crowd wouldn’t be caught dead double strapping it.

5-11 lv10 sling pack
Even if self-defense is a primary focus for you, the 5.11 LV10 2.0 offers space for other gear like a tablet or laptop.

When it comes to hindsight and conventional backpack design, our single strap choice was truly fashion over function. With the payload of heavy hardcover paper textbooks and supplies, we hauled around back before the fully integrated digital age of laptops and tablets, single-strapping a standard backpack was not only uncomfortable but impractical and silly for long hauls.

Looking back now as an avid collector of backpacks, totes, chest rigs and carry-all gear of all sorts, the smart kids and those who just didn’t adhere to the juvenile style note and dared to wear their traditional backpacks with both straps were truly ahead of their time and obviously more mature than the rest of us fashion victims.

pistol concealment area of 511 lv10 2 sling pack
A firearm, like this Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro, can be stored for easy access in an internal holster.

No sore backs, bad posture be damned, they were in school to do business and they wore the pack the way it was designed. I think this is why over the years, after growing up and growing into many true packing experiences, I never took to using a sling bag or single-strap bag of any kind. It felt like a reversion to bad childhood choices I had made. Until recently that is… Enter, the 5.11 LV10 2.0 Sling Pack.

5.11 Solution

My everyday carry backpack has been a standard, low-profile backpack for the last year. To and from work, it serves all of my needs. However, I had been interested in reducing bulk and pack weight, and wanted a bag that could serve as an EDC bag to and from work each day. In addition, I wanted a slim pack for casual outings with the family or trips to the grocery store that wouldn’t draw as much attention as a full backpack might.

testing the 511 lv10 2 sling bag in the real world
The 5.11 LV10 2.0 includes integral carry handles to make transporting the bag even easier.

I picked up the new and improved LV10 2.0 Sling Pack (the latest in the line) from 5.11, as it looked like it offered exactly what I was hoping for. My only hesitation was over the fact it was a single-sling design. In my past experiences, sling packs always felt unbalanced, didn’t offer enough storage or a super-secure EDC gun carry option, and the strap was too thin or not padded enough for long use. I basically just had a hard time getting used to the feel overall.

The LV10 addressed all of these issues for me and so much more. I decided to use the bag for the duration of the 2023 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, as I walked miles of aisles seeing the latest and greatest in guns, gadgets and new gear. After a long week and the last months of using the bag as my new every day carry bag go-to, I haven’t regretted my choice to switch.

My Turning Point on Sling Packs

I’m not going to lie, I thought I would hate the single strap and it would take some getting used to at best. However, once I snugged and fit the large, comfortably padded, main crossbody strap on The LV10, it conformed to my body and felt like it wasn’t even there. It was actually more comfortable than my two-pack strap, which notably may also be because I reduced my payload to only essential daily items.

drawing a pistol from the lv10 sling bag
The author demonstrates drawing a firearm from his 5.11 LV10 2.0. The sling bag keeps a pistol close at hand without the worries of printing.

The bag’s measurements are 10.5”H x 16.25”W x 5.75”D, with 794 cubic inches, or a 13-liter total capacity. By proxy of the slim and sleek design, sling packs force you to modify your discipline and not be a packrat just because there is additional space to be filled with unnecessary junk. It’s a day bag, after all, not your ruck and not your bug-out bag. The LV10 2.0 has just enough space for essentials throughout my daily routine and includes some exceptional features for compartmentalization, concealment and comfort.

pistol compartment in 511 bag
The internal storage compartment for a handgun offers ample space. If you prefer to carry a defensive pistol on your body, this area can be repurposed for various items.

Of the standout features that this 840D Nylon constructed sling bag affords, I really enjoy the removable holster retention strap for my Hellcat Pro, the securing Velcro strap on the interior large pocket for a small laptop or tablet in the tablet sleeve, and a quick release on the main strap.

CCW capable, the bag features a “hot pull” compartment for easy and quick access. I also particularly enjoy the additional carry handles that allow you to hold the bag in a number of ways. The Flex Cuff channel on the backside of the bag also provides comfort and the interior of the bag has more compartmentalization and pockets for small items like spare mags, and Leatherman tools, and it also includes internal mesh pockets for more organization. It’s more design thoughtfulness than you’d expect possible in such a small form factor.

testing the handle strength of the bag
The 5.11 LV10 2.0 bag’s carry handles were tested and proved to handle rugged duty well.

There are also bottom webbing straps with an expandable water bottle pocket with a button snap for securing your water bottle. And if low-vis is a concern, tuckable branding tabs have been made part of the design.


After experiencing a well-designed sling bag through months of daily use, I feel like my backpack-wearing style and strap tastes have evolved more thoughtfully now. I highly recommend the LV10 2.0 for those seeking a low-profile, comfortable, and slim sling bag for everyday use.

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Scott Conditt

Scott Conditt

Scott Conditt is a husband, father, filmmaker, author, photographer and raconteur based in Phoenix, Arizona. Co-Founder of Offensive Marketing Group, his daily grind consists of playing with badass hardware, dreaming up wild concepts, and conspiring to bring them from script to screen with his team. Guns, gadgets, survival, technology, archery and cutting-edge armor ... these are a few of his favorite things to create content around.

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