Both IWB & OWB 1911 Carry? Review: 2-in-1 Multi Holster

By Dan Abraham
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Both IWB & OWB 1911 Carry? Review: 2-in-1 Multi Holster

June 19th, 2021

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When I acquired the Springfield Armory Ronin in 10mm, I instantly fell in love with it. It looks amazing, is priced right and shoots like a dream.

Several people I know carry a 1911 for self-defense. To be honest, the thought of carrying a 1911 actually never crossed my mind. The steel frame with a 5″ barrel has more weight than I thought I was willing to bear. But, after a couple of range visits with the Ronin, I decided to give it a try. After all, we are in the middle of a cold Michigan winter, so covering garments wouldn’t be an issue.

Multi Holster OWB holster with Ronin pistol
The front silver carbon fiber print Multi Holster complements the stainless frame and matte black slide of the Ronin quite well.

Also, the idea of outside the waistband carry seemed appealing. Stuffing guns inside my pants has become a habit for many years. It’s time to try something new, and the Springfield Ronin 1911 was the perfect choice.

Some Extra Options?

Multi Holsters is a Michigan-based holster company that is local to me. I’ve been buying Multi Holster products for years, starting back to 10 years ago when the owner Tony was selling his holsters out of his basement. I would call him to place an order and then three days later pick it up at his house. It became a habit for me to order a new holster with every carry gun purchase. Let’s just say I got to know his family quite well.

Ronin 1911 in a Multi Holsters rig
The belt clips are fully adjustable to suit the shooter’s preference of the holster position on the body.

Multi Holsters was among the first to create custom Kydex holsters that fit firearms like a glove. Prior to that, mass-produced, cheap holsters located at local gun stores were the only Kydex options. I enjoyed the form-fit holsters because they were so comfortable on the body. Also, the color options along with his expansive line of various holster models was ongoing.

As the years went by, Tony moved his business to larger facilities five or six times due to growth of the company. I still believe they are among the best holster creators in the country. Actually, I currently own approximately 15 Multi Holsters. It was a no-brainer for me to contact Tony with my new project of carrying the Ronin 1911.

My Choice

I chose to go with the company’s 2-in-1 Multi Holster, a custom holster designed to give you the ability to carry your pistol either inside-the-waistband (IWB) or outside-the-waistband (OWB).

Gray Kydex holster with Springfield Armory 1911 Ronin pistol in it
A crisp fit with strong retention keeps the Ronin 1911 snug and secure. The middle screw allows the carrier to adjust the level of retention.

I met with Joe, the shop manager, and he helped me select the right holster. We explored various colors and patterns of Kydex for the project. My goal was to create a beautiful holster that was worthy of carrying the beautiful Ronin.

I decided on a gray carbon fiber print front against black Kydex. This color combination is consistent with the two-tone Ronin. Also, the belt clips had to be adjustable to create the perfect fit and angle of the gun. Once finished, the Multi Holster created was exactly what I was looking for. 

My Must-Haves

There are three characteristics that a quality-made holster should possess. First, it has to be comfortable on the body. Much like a carry gun, the holster should become a part of the body. It must also be a comfortable fit, considering the carrier will wear the holster for several hours every day.

Carrying a full size 1911 pistol in winter
The outside the waistband holster not only looks incredible but fits the Ronin perfectly on the hip.

Second, the holster should offer good retention of the firearm. The carrier should be confident that whatever position he finds himself in, the firearm will remain close to his body and intact within the holster.

Third, the holster should be pleasing to look at. There is no denying that certain custom holsters are beautiful. Much like the gun itself, the holster should complement the beauty of the firearm. This may not be the most important characteristic, but it is no mistake that special-order, custom-built holsters are in high demand.


Multi Holsters offer everything needed for successful firearm carry. They have been my go-to source for Kydex holsters for several years. The holster I chose for the Springfield Armory Ronin is comfortable, has solid retention and is extremely sharp looking. It’s exactly what I needed to carry the Ronin. I could not be more happy.

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Dan Abraham

Dan Abraham

Dan "TheFireArmGuy" Abraham is a gun enthusiast, collector and 2A advocate. Sending a strong 2A message and showcasing firearms is a passion for him. He enjoys featuring firearms that suit the "working man." Dan believes firearm ownership is an essential American value. Understanding that firearms are not a "one size fits all," Dan offers gun reviews that help the reader choose the best fit for them. Within his reviews, the reader will observe the gun's features, specifications, shooting impressions and best applications. He attempts to be informative, concise with "no fluff" and on point.

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