Review: DeSantis Cazzuto OWB Paddle Holster

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Review: DeSantis Cazzuto OWB Paddle Holster

February 10th, 2023

5:26 runtime

Training with pistols on the range is not only time well spent, it’s also enjoyable. Let’s remember that while guns are tools often designed for protection and self-defense, they can also be fun when used responsibly. The reason I mention this is that if you can make your range time “fun,” you’ll be even more prone to get the practice you need in.

cazzuto holster review
The DeSantis Cazzuto is a well-crafted OWB holster that is perfectly suited for the Springfield Armory Prodigy pistol.

Also, to effectively train and practice, you will need all the right support gear. Of course, you’ll need ammo. But if your firearm is a handgun, what about a means to safely carry and present it? Needless to say, a good holster is essential for training with a pistol. Incorporating holster work is vital so that you can practice your draw and presentation.

Cazzuto: What’s in a Name?

Frankly, I was a bit puzzled when I first saw the DeSantis holster on the Springfield Armory Store that we are reviewing here today. That holster is the Cazzuto, an outside-the-waistband (OWB) paddle holster that is constructed of a rugged thermoplastic that makes it light and compact. But it wasn’t the actual holster itself that threw me — it was the name.

wearing the cazzuto holster
The Cazzuto holster is compatible with red dot sights which is fantastic since the Prodigy comes with an optics-ready slide.

I’ll be honest, I had to Google translate this one to find out what “Cazzuto” means. While my discovery did lead to a humored smiled on my face, I’m not going to write here what it translates to. Let’s just say it conveys a certain level of confidence and toughness. A “Cazzuto” is someone (or something) you definitely would not want to mess with. So, let’s see if this holster lives up to the hype.

testing the cazzuto holster on the range
The Prodigy 1911 DS pistol fit perfectly in the DeSantis holster allowing for secure carry and a smooth draw.

The model I have in for testing is the one for the 5” 1911 DS Prodigy (the SA Store also has it for the SA-35). The holster itself is made of a thermoplastic material and is exceptionally light and compact. The holster form is a one-piece, fold-over design that meets on the triggerguard side of the holster. Located here are two bolts that can be used to set the retention of the holster.

The Details

The Cazzuto has two attachment options. One of the options is a belt slide option, probably the most common option among all holsters. In this configuration, the holster will fit belts up to 1¾”. The second option is my personal favorite, a paddle system. The belt slide and paddle are interchangeable and can be swapped out using the included hardware.

desantis cazzuto holster parts
The Cazzuto holster itself is a holster made entirely of a thermoplastic material and is an exceptionally light and compact holster.

As noted, the paddle attachment is my favorite method for wearing this holster. Designed to slip inside the waistband of your pants, the curved paddle surface of the holster proved to be quite comfortable. The edges of the paddle are smooth, which is part of how comfortable it is.

Regarding cant, you can adjust the attachment bolts of the holster to give the Cazzuto the cant you desire. It is adjustable in a range from forward to rearward cant. The paddle also has small wings that offshoot on the edges and hook back into the user’s pants. This creates more friction in the attachment, which is highly desirable. I have tried several paddle holsters that don’t have this, and the result is a sloppy holster that moves and shifts.

Hands-On with the Cazzuto Holster

Recently, I got out on the range and put in some reps with the Cazzuto holster for my 5″ Prodigy pistol. The first thing I noticed was how excellent the paddle was. It is comfortable, sturdy and efficient. The paddle is exceptionally well done, and you can tell DeSantis put forth every effort to make sure it’s the best it can be.

springfield 1911 ds prodigy with cazzuto holster testing
The author found the DeSantis Cazzuto was exceptionally comfortable to wear; the paddle allows you to use a variety of belts.

This holster ships with the paddle on it, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a faster-to-put-on option with superior comfort and drawing capability (in my personal opinion). The fit of the holster to the Prodigy is also exceptional. I’ve tried out a few other DeSantis holsters, so this didn’t surprise me. The fit of all of the DeSantis holsters I have tried out have all had impeccable fits to the gun. The Cazzuto, in particular, has a satisfying snap when you insert the gun.

ammo used in the wearing the cazzuto holster testing
True Shot Gun Club provided the ammo needed for this test of the Cazzuto holster. Be sure to check out their selection of defensive ammo.

Since the mold and fit are so good, I found I could run the holster at a lighter retention setting, but still have a good hold on the gun since it fits so tight. I enjoyed this holster a great deal. Everything about it has been awesome, and that’s coming from a guy who didn’t realize until recently how much he likes paddle holsters.

Cazzuto Holster Review Conclusion

The Cazzuto has been the OWB holster I’ve enjoyed the most so far when shooting my Prodigy. The quality of the holster, the speed that it goes on, and the fact that it’s very comfortable, all make this holster a winner in my book. The Cazzuto is a holster that will not disappoint if you are looking for a high-quality option for the Prodigy. Oh, and it definitely lives up to the name “Cazzuto”!

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