Why Your CCW Needs a Helix Wedge — The TXC X1: Pro

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Why Your CCW Needs a Helix Wedge — The TXC X1: Pro

December 16th, 2022

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When the Hellcat Pro was released by Springfield Armory, I had to have one. And as soon as I did, my quest to find a holster for it began. I am a fan of appendix carry, so that automatically put me in a certain category of holsters. Thankfully, appendix carry is really popular these days, so many holsters can be found that work well for this position.

x1 pro holster
The TXC X1: Pro holster comes in a variety of colors and customization options. The holster itself is well-made with good retention on the firearm.

A few of my favorites from recent memory have been ones from Tier 1 Concealment and Tulster. One that has been on my list for a while to try out was the TXC Holsters X1: Pro, a “Build Your Own” holster with a lot going for it.

Fitting Choice

While I normally would not advocate ordering a holster for a different gun than you have, it turns out they only had this holster available for the Hellcat/Hellcat RDP. However, I determined that the only thing that stopped this holster from working for the Pro are two little indentions that pinch forward of where the dustcover of the Hellcat and Hellcat RDP ends.

tac x1 pro holster
You can purchase this holster in one of nearly 30 colors and camo patterns. This one is finished in MultiCam.

The Hellcat Pro has a longer dustcover that runs the full length of the slide, so this caused some rough tension in the holster. This was an easy fix though, as I just used my Dremel tool to sand down the two small parts of the holster. Again, normally I would not advocate getting a holster for another gun and modifying it to fit another, but in this case, the holster has an open end and was long enough for the Pro — it was just those two minor indentations. These were easy to remove, and there was no apparent effect upon function or retention of the pistol.

The Details

The X1 Pro has several things that make it different from much of the competition. Remember that “Build Your Own” thing I mentioned?

tac x1 pro holster belt clip
The author replaced the metal clip that comes on the holster with a plastic belt clip with adjustable ride height to improve his draw.

The first thing that’s nice about the TXC holster is that it comes in a ton of color options and patterns (nearly 30, in fact), and on occasion, they do special limited runs of cool things like aloha prints and topographical map patterns. Certain colors and patterns have upcharges, like MultiCam, for example. There are also options to select different colors for the washers that accompany the bolts.

tac x1 pro holster for hellcat
The X1: Pro features a wedge built into the mold. The wedge is tilted on both the X and Y-axis to allow the grip of the pistol to be angled back against the wearer’s body.

The TXC website has one of the most intuitive holster-design pages I’ve seen on the internet. There is a 3D model of the holster that lets you spin the very holster you are designing in 3D. You can view all your color customization options in 3D as you are able to rotate on the X and Y-axis.

Another thing that is interesting in this holster line is that the holsters are open-ended, making them perfect for most pistol compensators or threaded barrels. The holsters are also usually longer than the pistol calls for in the case of compact and micro compacts. This is actually something that is an awesome idea that I think more companies should offer.

Why? The holster being longer than needed helps you fight the spillover effect that plagues shorter pistols. Spillover often happens after you get up from sitting down, when the pistol wants to start spilling over the edge of your belt.

Its Edge

The real things that separate this holster are the Helix and the wedge built into their holster. The Helix is a CNC-cut piece of aluminum that goes between the holster and the holster clip itself. This wedge-shaped piece of aluminum serves as a slimmer profile to replace mod wing attachments for holsters. This means that you will no longer need to have a mod wing on your holster at all.

wearing tac x1 pro holster
The X1 PRO Holster sits very low with the Hellcat Pro against the wearer. This is a big factor in why it conceals a pistol so well.

The Helix has a wedge design that pushes the firearm back against your body while rotating the grip closer to the body, also. To accomplish this, the Helix is slanted on an X- and Y-axis. The Helix has several drilled and tapped holes so that users can cant their holster clip and adjust the ride height by a small degree. The Helix kit is now sold individually so that you can put it on any holster.

The second thing that really separates this holster is its shape. The holster itself has a wedge built into the bottom and backside of the holster. The wedge is on the backside of the muzzle end of the holster, and it has a similar purpose as the Helix. The wedge keeps with the theme of tucking the grip of the pistol in against you.

tac x1 pro holster optics cut
The X1: Pro holster allows you to carry a pistol with a red dot optic due to its generous optics cut on the holster.

The wedge is slanted both on the X- and Y-plain to angle the pistol against your body. The wedge has a flat face, but it has vent cuts to allow for some breathing room against your body. This way. you can cut down on how much you sweat all over your holster. It can seem like a small thing, but trust me, the vents do help.

In Practice

So, do these unique concealment features actually pay off, or is this stuff just a gimmick to look different from the competition with the same results? I can say, after having tried out the holster myself, that they do work just as much in practice as they do in theory. The Helix makes it a million times easier to put a holster on your belt when you don’t have the mod wing in the way. So, you don’t deal with the tension of putting the clip on, but you get the same benefits of the wing. When you pair that with the wedge built into the back of the holster, it creates a package that conceals extremely well.

concealing tac x1 pro holster
The X1: Pro conceals extremely well. When wearing an appropriately sized fitted shirt, you can’t tell there is a gun behind the garment.

My biggest knock on the X1: Pro was on the original ride height the holster ships in. The holster ride is really low, in my opinion. But, if you are trying to get the maximum concealment possible, the more of the gun you can fit below your belt the better.

I can tell you the TXC X1: Pro is a beast at concealing a gun. I ended up swapping the clip out for a plastic one with a higher ride height so I could improve my draw. So, in the end, I sacrificed a bit of concealability for a better draw. You might not feel the same, but with the X1: Pro in its original configuration, I was unable to get my fingers around the grip easily as it was set too close to my belt line.

drawing from tac x1 pro holster
The X1: Pro is an appendix carry holster with several customizable features. You can also choose how tall your sweat guard is.

Also, be aware that TXC is a custom holster maker. This means it has a lead time. It says on the site in bright red letters that you will be facing a three to six-week target lead time. I placed my order for a cool MultiCam holster and waited about five weeks before it shipped. But, for customization, this is a price you have to pay. If you simply cannot wait, you can buy one of their “quick ship” options where you select from four color options.

Last but not least, the holster starts around $90 dollars before you add tons of customization. While this is a bit pricey, it is a really good holster. If you have a body type and clothing style that makes it hard to conceal your pistol, give this holster a shot. This is hands-down the best holster at pure concealment I have used right from the manufacturer. If you leave the X1: Pro in its original configuration, your pistol will practically become invisible on your belt line.

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