Review: KORE Executive Protection and Tactical Nylon Belt Systems

By Justin Opinion
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Review: KORE Executive Protection and Tactical Nylon Belt Systems

November 22nd, 2023

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When it comes to concealed, duty, or competition carry with handguns, there is no shortage of gear and accessories that one can buy, stow, hook-on, wear, and generally adorn themselves with. But there is one very essential and very overlooked piece of gear that all of these other rely on that is almost never discussed — the belt. A strong and secure belt is the very foundation that is necessary for any serious carry of firearms and related gear. Dare I say… it is the quintessential core!

kore belt review
The many varieties of KORE belts include Tactical Nylon and Executive Protection (shown). Unique locking/ratcheting mechanism is shown here.

Maybe that’s where the name of KORE belts came from, or maybe not — but it’s an equally fitting name either way. What makes the KORE belt different from a traditional belt is the unique micro-adjustment system that lets you make changes to the size in ¼” increments. It can be done quickly, easily, and one-handed. Whether you need to ratchet in that extra notch for a tighter fit at the match, or loosen it a bit after a big meal — it’s simple to do. And because there are no holes in the belt, no one will ever know!

The Details

KORE belts are available in a variety of materials and styles and come to you in a long size that you cut to fit. Instructions and tips are provided. I’ve performed this process several times, and if you follow the directions, you’ll have a perfect fitting belt. There is also a wide variety of buckles available for KORE belts.

kore belt review ccw concealed carry self defense
Made with the professional in mind, the Executive Protection belts feature high-quality leather paired with your choice of elegant buckles.

Because the real fastening system is the micro-adjusting ratchet on the back side of the buckle — there are no holes in the belt. A spring-loaded ratchet system uses a long section of ¼” adjustments to hold the belt firmly where you want it. It never slips. Adjustments and removal are done by simply pushing the small lever at the bottom of the buckle to release the catch.

The KORE belt system is available in a single belt or a dual-belt configuration. The difference with the dual system is that it uses a strong inner belt that goes through the belt loops of the pants, while the outer belt is attached to it by Velcro, outside the loops. This offers a very clean look as well as allowing the user to position gear anywhere on the belt without having to work around loops. Stability is not compromised because the inner belt is secured in the loops of the pants.

My Choices

I tested the Tactical Nylon 1.5” which is great for everyday wear and EDC use, and the KORE Executive Protection belt system. The latter of those is described by the company as being “the ultimate reinforced gun belt for specialty law enforcement personnel and private security assignments.”

kore belt review ccw concealed carry personal protection
The author wore the Tactical Nylon 1.5” belt every day for months and found it to be more than a match for every scenario.

Looking at the Executive Protection Belt, I think it also has merit for the civilian CCW user as well. It is a dual inner/outer belt system with fine quality leather outer belts and buckles that look very upscale. As noted, it’s designed for the security or LE professional that needs a tough gun belt that meets dress code standards, the belts are available in 1.5” and 1.75” widths. There are dozens of buckles from which to choose.

KORE is the originator of the ratcheting gun belt. I have used a few copycat belt systems with poor results. While they may appear to use the same technology, they sacrifice on quality and materials. I have tossed more than one in the trash after it failed or was simply too flimsy to use. KORE belt buckles have an incredibly strong fastening system of long, strong teeth combined with heavy-duty set screws. I have tried to make this belt fail in some way, and I just can’t. This thing is tough!

Setting It Up

Getting your KORE belt ready for use includes some DIY steps. First, you cut the belt to your desired length (markings on the belt or provided tape measure are used), then you attach the buckle which contains the ratchet system. If the system is a dual-belt, the inner belt is also cut to proper length. KORE provides very good instructions and tips for this easy process.

fitting buckle to ccw belt holster kore concealed carry personal defense
KORE belts are shipped long, to be cut to size by the end user, and then the buckle fitted — following detailed instructions provided.

At the range, especially during matches when we’re all pasting up targets, there is a lot of gear talk in the conversations. I hear lots of discussion about holsters, mag carriers, slings and even types of pants — but I rarely hear anyone talking about belts. I see competitors trying every trick to shave a tenth of a second off their draw stroke, and not even thinking about the flimsy or poorly fitting belt they are using. Concealed carriers are often displaying the telltale “hitch up” when the weight of their carry gun has caused their pants to droop on one side or feel awkward and uncomfortable.

These typical problems are easily solved by using a sturdy belt that was designed to carry the weight of the gun and more, and keep that weight well-distributed. Holes and notches wear and oval out, and making adjustments in 1” increments is something from your dad’s era.

ratchet system buckle kore ccw belt
KORE introduced the ratcheting micro-adjustment belt system which consists of the ¼” ratcheting track and spring-loaded quick release.

The KORE belt system is strong and reliable and designed for you to carry your gun, magazines, light — you name it. And it comes in so many styles and materials that you can match it to your weekend range pants or your business suit and never look out of place.


I believe that the core of any good carry system starts with the belt — the foundation of it all. And I have used no better belt than the KORE. I sized and wore a KORE belt every day for three months before I sat down to write this review, because I wanted to know how it functioned in every aspect of life. It has excelled in strength, reliability and comfort. The only question you may have when dressing for the day is “which style and color KORE belt today?”.

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Justin Opinion

Justin Opinion

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