Pushing It Farther: Review of the Riton 3 Tactix 1-8X

By Michael Mills
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Pushing It Farther: Review of the Riton 3 Tactix 1-8X

July 11th, 2021

4:55 runtime

The low power variable optic (LPVO) has proven to be very popular in recent years, as it offers shooters a mix between a traditional hunting scope and a fast acquisition red dot. Somewhere in between these two concepts, Riton has tried to give you the best mix with its 3 Tactix scope. It offers a true 1X fast-to-acquire reticle and adds the ability to magnify up to 8X to aid in your medium-range accuracy.

Riton 3 Tactix 1-8X scope mounted on SAINT Victor rifle
The Riton 3 Tactix 1-8X LPVO offers shooters a lot of scope for not a lot of money. Shown on Springfield Armory SAINT Victor 5.56mm.

A Place for Everything …

In the world of modern rifles like the Springfield Saint Victor used in this test, people want all the options they can get. No one wants to have to swap optics out all the time or have to be stuck with a one-dimensional optic. For those of you that feel this way, the Riton fits right into the fold. Whether you are looking for a competition optic, one for range fun or maybe even medium-distance hunting, the right glass is a tough choice.

All About the Options

One of the great traits of an LPVO is that even if the battery fails, you still have an etched reticle that will work in lighted and even dawn or dusk conditions quite well. And on those bright days, you crank up the illumination and go for those quick, up-close targets in competitions and then spin that throw lever and go for the longer ones.

Riton scope next to SAINT Victor parts
The SAINT’s flat-topped upper receiver with integral Picatinny rail made mounting the Riton a breeze.

This optic has a bullet drop compensating reticle (BDC), but what is that? Basically, you don’t have to adjust clicks on the turret for quick adjustments, you just use the reticle markings to adjust based on distance. For those who want to use the adjustments, just spin off the turret cap and go to work with the ½ MOA click adjustments.

Man testing the Riton optic on the range with a SAINT Victor rifle
The author ran the scope and carbine hard on the range, and both performed admirably.

The scope is dry nitrogen purged and features 100 percent resistance to water, fog and dust. It is shockproof tested to 1,200 G’s, and the 30mm tube body is made from rugged 6061-T6 aluminum. The scope employs a second plane reticle and features fully multi-coated lenses.

Second focal plane scope by Riton
The Riton is a 1-8X scope, with a second focal plane design and a 24mm diameter objective.

The Riton carries a lifetime warranty of no questions asked, which ensures your purchase will be covered for years of hard use.

Are There Trade Offs?

Like anything you buy to outfit your rifle, there is a multitude of factors you need to take into account. The biggest change for most of us moving from a traditional red dot to an LPVO is eye relief. On any magnified optic, you have a sweet spot where your eye needs to be to maximize the optic clarity and field of view.

Atlanta Arms ammo with SAINT Victor rifle with Riton scope mounted
Mills sighted in the rifle with some top-quality Elite ammo from Atlanta Arms.

For this Tactix 1-8X, the eye box is 3.5″. So in terms we can all understand, your eye needs to be approximately 3.5″ from the lens to get the best view through it. You also need to remember to zero this on the maximum magnification for the best results and always use quality ammo for zero.

For this testing process, I used Atlanta Arms Elite Precision Match, which was provided by Atlanta Arms. By using the better ammo for the zero processes, you will be more accurate with the cheaper stuff out there when practicing.

Riton 3 Tactix 1-8X Specifications

Power/Lens Diameter1-8x24mm
ReticleSecond focal plane, OT
Tube Diameter30mm
Adjustment Range182 MOA
Weight19.3 oz.
Riton LPVO scope on a SAINT Victor rifle
An LPVO offers a lot of flexible capability to a carbine like the SAINT Victor 5.56mm.


Always remember to weigh your options and understand the capabilities of you, your ammo and your desired use for your rifle when choosing new gear. For me, this optic proved to be quite good particularly considering its very reasonable price point. This is a lot of scope for the money, and one that brings a lot of capabilities to the table.

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Michael Mills

Michael Mills

Michael Mills created www.tacticalconsiderations.com as a way to help spread good information, shed positive light on the gun community and to have fun. He has always loved teaching and helping others, especially when it comes to gun rights. This passion was further ingrained during his service in U.S. Army Special Operations, and he is a Use of Force Instructor, Defensive Tactics instructor, DEA Firearms Instructor and Police Academy instructor. He also has 15 years of law enforcement experience from patrol to supervision.

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