Review: SAINT Victor with Law Tactical Folder 

By Paul Carlson
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SAINT Victor with Law Tactical Folder 

June 22nd, 2023

7 minute read

Springfield Armory has done a solid job expanding the SAINT line of AR-15s. The SAINT Victor has proven itself as an off the shelf AR-15 with premium features at an affordable price, something I can attest to through my own experiences with the guns. This newest SAINT Victor is no exception, and it has a very special modification that gives it a truly unique capability.

law tactical folder review saint
This new SAINT Victor is a Springfield SAINT through and through — except for one very distinct and unique feature. (Editor’s Note: The case and optic shown in photo are not included.)

The Specs

This rifle, the 5.56mm SAINT Victor Law Tactical Folder, is appointed just like a SAINT Victor should be. The rifle features a 16” hammer-forged, Melonite-coated, Chrome Moly Vanadium barrel. Both the upper and lower receivers are forged 7075 T6 aluminum with a type III hardcoat anodized finish. The bolt carrier group is an enhanced M16 set up with a 9310, Melonite coated, steel bolt that is high pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected.

folding stock ar-15
Great for transporting and for storage, the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter adds a new feature to the SAINT line of rifles.

The SAINT Victor has a 15”, free-float aluminum handguard with ample M-Lok slots, and a section of Picatinny rail at the 12 o’clock position at the muzzle end. It employs “Springfield Armory Locking Tabs” to keep the handguard secure.

The trigger (man, do I love this trigger) is a nickel boron-coated, flat-faced unit that shoots beautifully. The rifle’s performance is also aided by a mid-length direct impingement gas system that’s attached to a low-profile, pinned gas block and a tungsten heavy buffer, along with a Springfield Armory Muzzle Brake.

law tactical folder on ar-15 springfield saint rifle
When space is a serious concern, a folding stock can be a real help. LE officers, for example, can find that space can be at a premium when riding in an armored vehicle.

The flat-top Victor Folder comes with a set of spring-assisted pop-up sights; a 45-degree, short-throw, ambidextrous safety; and a B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD stock and B5 Type 23 P-Grip. It also features a B5 Systems enlarged trigger guard.

And, as you have probably guessed from the name, the SAINT Victor Rifle, Law Tactical Folder is almost exactly like other Victor rifles — except it folds.

A Defining Factor

The Gen 3-M Law Tactical Folder is what makes this Victor so special. In simple terms, the Law Folder is two pieces of hinged steel that connect the upper receiver and receiver extension and allow the rifle to fold and shorten the overall length of the rifle.

springfield armory saint with folding stock
The folding system is made of steel and employs a single push button to allow the stock to fold.

The portion of the folder that attaches to the receiver extension retains the buffer with a retaining pin just like your typical upper would. The part of the folder that attaches to the receiver retains the bolt inside the receiver when the rifle is folded. To bridge the gap caused by the hinge, a simple press-fit plug extends the bolt carrier group to make contact with the buffer when the stock is locked in place.

close up of law tactical folding part
The Law Tactical system retains the buffer in the receiver extension and uses a press-fit plug to mate the BCG to the face of the buffer.

It’s important to note that adding the Law Tactical Folder increases the overall length of the rifle by 1¼”, and adds right around 10 oz. of weight. There never is a free lunch, but in this case, if you need a compact rifle, the Law Folder can help make it happen with very little drawback.

When folded, the total length of the Victor Folder is 26¾”, and it sits at 3½” thick. Total weight is 7 lbs., 3 oz.

The Why, and When…

Apart from the simple coolness factor of the engineering involved, you might be asking yourself why you would want a folding stock AR-15. Here are a few points that came to my mind as I reviewed this model. 

law tactical folder for swat
The Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter adds only 1¼” of overall length and 10 oz. to the rifle in exchange for the ability to fold the stock.

Coolness Factor: Let’s face it. Few things are cooler than being able to take a full-size rifle, folding the stock and being able to store it much more easily. The same can be said for taking it out of a small case, then flipping open the stock and having a full-size rifle.

No Tax Stamp: Owning an SBR (short-barreled rifle) is complicated. But if you find yourself in a situation where a compact rifle is a benefit, the SAINT Victor with the Law Tactical Folder can help to get you a very short package without the extra cost and hassle of a tax stamp and an NFA-controlled rifle.

folding section of the rifle
Folding the SAINT Victor Folder is a simple process. Just press the button and fold the stock. When you are ready to shoot, simply unfold the stock and you are ready to go.

Discreet Transportation: If you spend a lot of time traveling with guns as I do, you know that a rifle case garners a lot of attention. Sure, you can put it in a guitar case, but I promise you, you are going to end up on an elevator with a guitarist at some point, You see where that’s going to end up.

Tight Spaces: Need to employ your rifle in a confined space like a car, or worse in the back of a SWAT truck for hours on end with 14 other dudes with rifles strapped on? Being able to shorten your rifle and swing the buttstock out of the way can save you from eating said buttstock. Ask me how I know … .

saint rifle with folding stock
When folded, the SAINT Victor Rifle, Law Tactical Folder has an overall length of just 26¾”, making it a great choice for people like bush pilots and others needing a compact survival rifle.

The list can go on and on, but you get the idea. The cool thing is that whatever reason you have for wanting a folding rifle, instead of buying the parts and the tools you need to make your rifle fold, Springfield Armory offers the Victor Rifle with the Law Tactical Folder installed straight from the factory.

If it’s what you want or what you need, you have the option with the Victor Folder, and you can make it happen for less than it costs to buy the parts and the required tools to install it on your new rifle. The SAINT Victor Folder MSRP is only $213 more than the SAINT Victor Rifle. The Folder itself has an MSRP of around $250.

On the Range

As I took the SAINT Victor Rifle with the Law Tactical Folder to the range to put it through its paces, I gamed out what my goal was. I know the SAINT Victor works, and I know the Law Tactical Folder is a well-made product. So, the true question was, “Do these two reliable products work together?”. I decided to find out.

testing the law tactical folder on the range
The SAINT Victor Rifle, Law Tactical Folder is a shooter. The trigger helps it to be precise, the gas system is reliable and the Springfield Armory Muzzle Brake keeps the rifle controllable.

Firstly, I didn’t notice the 1¼” of increased length of pull or the 10 oz. of additional mass over a standard Victor at the range. The gun felt “right” and situated well on my shoulder. Also, regarding functioning, the SAINT Victor performed just like the other two SAINT Victors I have. No surprises here. The added parts of the folding mechanism had no discernible impact on function or operation.

shooting the saint victor law tactical folder
During extensive range testing, the author found the SAINT Victor was extremely reliable and that the folding stock adapter performed as advertised.

Speaking of operation, I was able to easily and quickly engage the folding mechanism to fold or deploy the stock. The stock lies alongside the left side of the receiver when folded. The Law Tactical assembly is sturdily made from steel, with an attractive gray phosphate finish. This is a solid mechanism, and the quality shows through.

Operating the folding mechanism is a simple process. There’s a button on the right side of the Law Tactical folder mechanism that releases the adapter when the stock is in the extended position. Simply press the button when the rifle’s bolt is in the forward position, and the stock can then be folded to the left side of the rifle.

When the stock is in the folded position, it covers the selector lever and bolt catch/release. However, the bolt catch release is irrelevant at this point as the bolt is locked in the forward position. On the other hand, the SAINT Victor Folder features an ambidextrous selector lever so that the safety can be manipulated from the right side of the rifle should you need to change its position while the rifle is folded.


The SAINT line of rifles has always been impressive to me. Whatever your needs are, Springfield has an AR-15 to fill the niche. The SAINT Victor Rifle, Law Tactical Folder is no exception.

The SAINT Victor Folder has an MSRP of $1,363, and you can expect to find them at your local shop for a bit less. Is it worth it to you to have a compact, low-key, transportable rifle with the ballistics of a full-length 16” barrel? If the answer is yes, you won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t!

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Paul Carlson

Paul Carlson

Paul Carlson is the owner of Safety Solutions Academy, LLC, a professional defensive shooting instructor, content creator in the firearms industry, and most importantly a husband and a father. Through Safety Solutions Academy, Paul teaches a variety of critical defensive skill courses in more than a dozen states annually. When Paul’s not traveling to teach and work in the firearms industry, you can find him with his family, either on the range or in the mountains.

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