Suppressing the XD-M Elite Tactical OSP

By Atticus James
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Suppressing the XD-M Elite Tactical OSP

August 10th, 2020

5:19 runtime

When I first saw the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5” Tactical OSP 9mm pistol, I thought it was just another “tactical” pistol. It’s easy to get “tactical overload” these days regarding the 9mm pistol market, and I let that affect my first opinion. However, once I took a closer look and saw all that had been added to the gun, I became intrigued.

The XD-M Elite Tactical OSP is a great platform for optics, suppressors and more.

What You Get

First, I want to tell you what I love about this pistol. I love that it has the fully ambi set up out of the box without the need to switch something around to make it left-handed. While the XD-M had an ambi mag release, the addition of the ambi slide lock to the XD-M Elite makes it fully ambidextrous now. I like to train both right- and left-handed because it’s just smart to be ready for anything, and this makes it so I’m not trying to change my hands to fit the pistol.

The upgrades to the XD-M Elite Tactical OSP include a removable magwell and extended 22-round magazines.

In addition, the Elite features the Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly (META) that is designed to offer the “finest factory trigger available in a polymer-framed pistol.” This trigger upgrade gives you a flat-faced trigger with a crisp and clean pull.

And lastly, you have gargantuan magazine capacity as well as an easy way to feed the magazines into the gun. The XD-M Elite Tactical OSP comes standard with two 22-round magazines, and the pistol has a removable enlarged magwell that helps you quickly feed in mags.

Atticus fitted out the Elite with a Silencerco Omega 9K suppressor.

Silencerco Suppressor

If you’re like me, you want to read the reviews and know if a brand backs their products. I know that Silencerco is all about making cans that work.

I went with the Silencerco Omega 9K because it is a short, lightweight package that does its job of reducing the decibels. Plain and simple, I know that I can use this can forever and it will continue to do its job.  What more can you ask for from a suppressor?

He also topped off the pistol with a Sightmark Mini Shot Red Dot optic.

Sightmark Red Dot

Now, if you have seen my last review with the M1A SOCOM 16 CQB, you might notice I also used a Sightmark product in this review. That is because I believe in their products. They are designed just down the street from us in Mansfield, Texas. You know I love repping a Texas company, but more than that, I have used many of their products successfully for years.

The XD-M Elite Tactical OSP pistol features raised suppressor-height sights.

I can tell you that I trust Sightmark because I have so much experience with them. I use them for hunting and sport shooting, and every time I have used this Sightmark Mini Shot Red Dot, it has stayed true to zero. If you are looking for which plate to get for the Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec, it is plate XD5071.

Final Thoughts 

The pistol, the suppressor and the optic all did great during the testing, and I came away very impressed with all of the products.

Atticus was very impressed with the performance of the pistol with the Silencerco and Sightmark gear.

Building out the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite with the Silencerco Omega 9K and Sightmark Mini Shot Red Dot was a success, and this is easily my new go-to range pistol.

The tricked out XD-M Elite is a great tactical-style 9mm pistol.

I love that I get almost a full box of 9mm in two mags, and it is quiet enough to shoot without hearing protection. Of course, the 35-round extended magazines for this pistol allow you to squeeze in even more ammo. I can quickly acquire my target with a red dot that isn’t over half the price of the pistol itself. Yep, this set-up is a winner for me!

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Atticus James

Atticus James

Atticus James has been involved in the firearm world for nearly 20 years.  He enjoyed firearms while a member of the Boy Scouts, with his family and friends, and then joined the firearm industry in 2011 by becoming a full-time blogger/YouTuber.  You can find his articles at and his videos @gearsofguns on YouTube.

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