Top Mother’s Day Gifts for 2023

By Stephanie Blaser
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Top Mother’s Day Gifts for 2023

May 7th, 2023

4 minute read

Is your mom a firearm fanatic, a Springfield Armory enthusiast, or a range-day enthusiast? Is she all of the above? Well, we have you covered. Everyone knows actions speak louder than words, so this Mother’s Day, show Mom how much you love her with the best gift.

top mothers day gifts

Below is a list compiled of eight things I think your mom will love straight from the Springfield Armory webstore.

Springfield Women’s Breezy Moto Jacket

breezy moto jacket
The Breezy Moto jacket, shown above, might be just the right choice. It’s lightweight and stylish.

Does your mom like stylish yet capable CCW-oriented clothing? Then this collared, lightweight, zip-up moto jacket is just the ticket. It offers comfort and style with stretch mesh panels and added pocket power to store essentials.

Springfield Women’s Terry Crossed Cannons Lounge Pant

terry lounge pants
Lounge pants are quite popular with those looking to blend comfort with modern fashion. They also work well with the CCW lifestyle.

Want to be able to lounge on the couch or lunch with your friends? Then our carry joggers are just the ticket. Featuring a patent-pending Tuck and Carry design, this pant allows you to conceal and carry with ease. You can also tuck in your shirt to reduce printing. It features a high-rise elastic waistband with drawstring.

Hellcat 3.8″ Threaded Barrel Kit

hellcat threaded barrel
One of the newest offerings from Springfield Armory is the threaded barrel kit for the Hellcat. The kit comes with a compensator as shown.

Want to trick out your 3” Hellcat 9mm? Then check out the 3.8” Threaded Barrel w/ Self-Indexing Compensator Kit. Designed as a drop-in system, it features a black Melonite finish on the barrel for rust resistance and lubricity as well as 1/2×28 threading. The included aluminum compensator helps reduce muzzle rise and perceived recoil.

CRKT Spear Point Black w/ Springfield Armory Logo

crkt knife
Columbia River Knife & Tool makes a range of great knives like the M16-01KS shown here. It features a flip-open design and spear point.

The CRKT M16 CRKT M16-01KS Spear Point in black, featuring the Springfield Armory logo, is a proven knife design platform. It is designed to be simple, tough and affordable. It features a frame lock design and stainless steel handles, as well as black corrosion-resistant EDP coating.

Vaultek Custom Springfield Armory LifePod Safe

Handgun security is always in fashion. The LifePod Safe is an excellent tool from Vaultek that can secure a pistol safely.

Safe and secure storage of your firearm is a must. To help you achieve that, Springfield offers the Vaultek Custom Springfield Armory LifePod Safe. Designed as the perfect micro-sized secure storage solution, it is small, incredibly tough, incredibly secure and easy to access. Its lightweight design and slim profile are ideal for travel and portability.

Springfield Armory Denali Throw Blanket

If curling up on the couch to read a gun magazine or watch the latest John Wick flick is mom’s thing, she will appreciate this throw blanket.

Want to show off the Springfield Armory brand with style while you are keeping warm? Then check out this Denali Throw Blanket. Designed to survive and withstand heavy laundering and get softer with every wash, it features lightweight fibers and flexible filament-knit backing for unbeatable softness and drape.

Shield SMSc Micro Red Dot — 4 M.O.A.

Mom might like to add a red dot to her Hellcat, so now is the perfect time to buy her a Shield SMSc. Rugged and reliable, this red dot is a fantastic optic.

Ideal for micro-sized carry pistols like the Hellcat, the Shield SMSc Micro Red Dot features a 4 M.O.A. dot and a light yet sturdy polymer body. The optic is powered by a single CR2032 battery and sports a quartz-coated polymer lens. The result is a light yet capable red dot ready for EDC.

Springfield Women’s Flowy Long Sleeve Camo Tee

camo shirt
Camo is always in season and looks great on this Flowy Long Sleeve Tee. It is the ultimate in stylish comfort clothing.

Springfield Women’s Flowy Long Sleeve Camo Tee offers the mom in your life a great article of clothing featuring elevated trims and stitching, soft subtle stretch fabric for maximum comfort, and while being cut loose for concealed carry — but still shaped for a flattering fit.


And there you have it, a list of goodies specially crafted with Mom in mind. Whether the present you need is big or small we’ve got you covered. 

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Stephanie Blaser

Stephanie Blaser

Stephanie Blaser was raised in rural southern Iowa alongside her older sister by her father who is an avid whitetail hunter. At a young age, she was curious about firearm safety and joined the local 4-H Shooting Sports group to hone in her skills. By the time she was a teen, she was actively out hunting with her father every season. Now, a college graduate with a degree in Multi-Media Journalism, she spends her days behind the screen running social media for The Armory Life.

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