Why Does the 2nd Amendment Matter?

By Handguns Mag
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Why Does the 2nd Amendment Matter?

December 5th, 2019

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Editor’s Note: This is the seventh entry in our 12-part Armed & Ready series from Richard Nance and Handguns magazine. The series covers a range of personal defense and CCW topics. See links below for the other entries:

The Second Amendment is one of our most important rights. I think it’s pretty important to note that is was the second amendment, coming only after freedom of speech. Our founding fathers accurately understood the dangers of a people refused the right to speak up for themselves, or to defend themselves.

The founders accurately understood that an independent citizenry must be capable of protecting itself.

Why It Matters

So why does the Second Amendment matter so much? Because it acknowledges the natural right of all citizens of the United States to be self-sufficient in protecting themselves. As a police officer, I can honestly say I would want nothing more than to be there the moment you might need help and protection. However, statistics do not bear that out as a realistic possibility.

The nature of this reality is that law enforcement almost always arrives after a crime has been committed, a victim has been victimized, etc. As a result, you will likely be faced with a situation where you’ll have to protect yourself should you face a threat.

It’s important, even more now than ever, that we actively and responsibly exercise our Second Amendment rights.

What’s My Responsibility?

As an armed citizen, you have the right to be armed. However, you also should be responsible for being proficient, being trained, and understanding the legal aspects of applying deadly force to defend against a threat. It’s important that you exercise your Second Amendment right, and not let it fall victim to political correctness.

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