A Multi-Purpose Field Tool: Fencing Pliers

By JC Dodge
Posted in #Survival
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A Multi-Purpose Field Tool: Fencing Pliers

April 23rd, 2019

3 minute read

Growing up on a farm taught me many things. Chief among them was how some tools could be improvised for other duties, and that some tools held the title “Jack of all Trades.” One tool I remembered using often, especially at the ranch I worked at my junior and senior summers of high school, was a pair of fencing pliers. Between putting up high tensile fencing on the farm, and those two summers of putting up five board fences on the horse pastures, I came to love and hate, but appreciate fencing pliers.

Fence pliers

Fencing pliers have more capability than the typical set of pliers. In fact, fence pliers have many uses that you might not recognize immediately. They can be used as a medium-sized hammer, they have a robust claw on the back end for pulling fence staples or whatever else might need pried upon, and they can cut through whatever can fit between their cutting jaws.

Additionally, they are a heavy set of pliers for doing work on whatever might need held while being repaired. Finally, fence pliers have multi-sized crimp jaws if you are actually doing fencing or electrical work. All of these uses have significant benefits in a survival situation.

Fence pliers vs. Leatherman

One day, I was trying to figure out how to carry a set of fencing pliers on the outside of my rucksack, when it dawned on me that they were similar in size to a Vietnam-era, military clothespin type bipod. Sure enough, when I placed the pliers inside the case, it fit perfectly, except for about an inch and a half of space at the bottom of the case. The case I have is made of canvas, has a zippered pouch on the front, and a thin tubular sleeve on the side. I use the front pouch to hold a small “ditty” (Crown Royal) bag, which I carry various 2.5″ and 1.75″ nails, along with some wood screws.

Fencing pliers and accessories for survival kit

What are some of the tasks I’ve used my fencing pliers for in the field? Fixing equipment or making shelters in a campsite. I’ve used it on a trapline for securing or running snare wire and to make improvised staples (along with my multi-tool) out of nails for that task.

They will easily cut through the 2.5″ nail shown in the pic. What you use your fencing pliers for is only limited to your imagination.

Using fence pliers as a hammer

When it comes to weight, the pliers, bipod case, and a couple of dozen nails weigh in at 2.15 pounds. The case is durable milspec canvas with an “Alice” clip attachment point on the back. The pliers are solid, durable, and multi-purpose.

Vietnam era bipod case for storing fencing pliers

When it comes to tools a survivalist wants to have in their gear, those attributes are at the top of the list. As to where to get both items, I bought my fencing pliers at Central Tractor, and the bipod case is available on eBay.


“Parata Vivere” – Live Prepared.

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JC Dodge

JC Dodge

Defense and Wilderness Survival trainer. 14 years Army Infantry and Airborne. Staff Sergeant with combat service as a Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant. Retired Law Enforcement serving on SWAT and as an Academy DT Instructor. Christian, Husband, Father, Constitutionalist, Survivalist, Hunter and Firearms enthusiast.

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