Is BLK the New Black?

By Adam Scepaniak
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Is BLK the New Black?

December 16th, 2019

3 minute read

As the Springfield Armory SAINT line continues to grow, more and more shooters are looking for compact solutions for hunting, defense and recreational shooting. This is where the SAINT Victor Pistol in .300 BLK enters the picture. For black gun enthusiasts who want capable power in a small package, a .300 BLK pistol could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Regarding the Victor Pistol, what we want to discuss is what happens when the rubber meets the road, or better yet when the brass hits the chamber. How does this powerful pistol perform?

The SAINT Victor Pistol in .300 BLK offers a lot of power in a very compact package.

Tangible Benefits

After getting some trigger time behind the Springfield Armory SAINT Victor pistol, I began to notice quite a few things. For one, the upper and lower receiver mate together very crisply and tightly as a result of the Accu-Tite™ Tension System (click here to see a piece about tuning this system on your SAINT). This not only ensures rock-solid reliability, but it also handles like the premium product that it is. No errant slop or play between your upper and lower.

Adam fitted out the Victor Pistol with a Vortex Crossfire 2 MOA red dot optic.

Another element shooters will notice is the smooth free-float handguard which allows the owner to completely wrap and envelope their support hand around the handguard. This produces a bevy of benefits including more stability, greater control while shooting, and help in mitigating recoil. The M-Lok compatible handguard notably stops short of the flash suppressor, permitting users to change their muzzle device to a different device such as a muzzle brake or suppressor. With the dimensional footprint of a compact pistol yet the availability to be easily suppressed, you can create a low-recoiling, quiet firearm.

The SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace gives you a very stable shooting interface for the Victor Pistol.

The pistol also boasts a nickel boron (NiB) coated single-stage flat trigger. This trigger not only breaks more cleanly for improved accuracy and more consistent shooting, but it instills more confidence in the shooter versus a run-of-the-mill Mil-Spec trigger. That peace of mind is something tremendously valuable to a lot of shooters.

Speaking of pulling the trigger, all of the comfort and confidence in the world is for naught if you cannot engage targets at distance and hit what you are aiming at, right? Well, the Springfield Armory SAINT Victor Pistol is not lacking at all in regards to accuracy. A realistic metric for accuracy would be its performance around 100 yards; potentially while shooting off-hand. This is exactly what I tested.

The pistol sports an M-Lok compatible handguard, which is short enough of the muzzle to allow easy swapping out of muzzle devices.

The accuracy I achieved while using a Vortex Crossfire 2 MOA red dot was nearly identical to my dot size (which was the limiting factor). I was getting 3” – 4” groups off-hand at 100 yards. A more seasoned or proficient shooter might accomplish even more impressive results than I did. Those groups shrunk down to nearly 2″ when it was fired from bags on a bench.

Adam topped off the Victor Pistol with a SilencerCo Hybrid .46 Cal suppressor.


As a whole, the Springfield Armory SAINT Victor .300 BLK Pistol delivers a lot of value. The firearm is as accurate as the man or woman holding it,  and it has premium components meticulously hand-picked by Springfield Armory to push itself a tier above the competition.

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Adam Scepaniak

Adam Scepaniak

Adam is a manager at The Guns And Gear Store in Waite Park, MN. He's also a writer for the NRA Shooting Sports USA, TheFirearmBlog, Sierra Bullets, All Outdoor, OutdoorHub, and Boyds Gunstocks. He is a Glock and Smith & Wesson Certified Armorer as well.

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