Springfield Armory Handgun World

By Dan Abraham
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Springfield Armory Handgun World

November 2nd, 2020

6:00 runtime

Springfield Armory produces many of the finest handguns in the industry, and the quality and variety offered go hand in hand. Looking for a lightweight subcompact pistol for carry? They make the 911 models (in both .380 & 9mm), XD-S models in several calibers along with the new and reliable Hellcat.

Need a source for a pistol for practically every need? Then check out Springfield Armory.

Need a competition pistol? Check out the XD-M with a 5.25” barrel. Perhaps several of the XD-M Elite models will suit your needs. A 10mm you say? No problem. How about a classic 1911? Don’t even get me started. Springfield Armory has many models from which to choose. I’m pretty sure by now that you get the picture.

My Options

I have owned and fired many Springfield Armory handguns, and I currently have a Springfield collection that is quite impressive. Honestly, it would make most grown men cry. Instead of writing a review on each model, how about I do a compilation of Springfield Armory handguns? Or, perhaps a big show-off session for my collection? What should such a compilation of excellence be called? Got it: “Springfield Armory Handgun World.” Check out my video above and keep reading this article below.

The new Hellcat 9mm pistol (optics-ready OSP model in FDE at right, and standard model in black at left).

I do not have every handgun in their line; not even close. If I had that kind of dough, I would own my own gun store. I do however have a fine assortment of big and small, metal and polymer, striker- and hammer-fired Springfield Armory handguns.


Raise your hand if you have the 9mm Springfield Hellcat. If so, you chose an excellent concealed carry pistol. I featured both the standard and OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) Hellcats in the video. I am yet to find anything I do not like about it. When Springfield Armory announced the Hellcat last year, I knew that 11+1 handgun had to find its way onto my hip.

Dan really liked the new XD-M Elite pistol, with its enhanced capacity and excellent trigger.

The new 9mm XD-M Elite models take function and accuracy to a whole new level. I didn’t know Springfield Armory could improve on the XD-M models, but it looks like they did. The XD-M Elites have a flat META (Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly) trigger, wider slide serrations, a flared magwell and 20-round magazines (22-rounders in the Tactical OSP and 5.25” models), and fully ambidextrous controls. It uses the same “U” metal rear sight the Hellcat has along with a fiber optic front sight. The overall fit, feel and function is amazing. My friend shot my XD-M Elite and said, “I have to get this gun.” Those were my same sentiments when I first saw the XD-M Elite handguns at Shot Show in January of this year.

There’s an XD-M model that’s just right for you, from 9mm to 10mm to .45 ACP models.

Let’s talk about aluminum-frame, hammer-fired 9mm handguns with 1911-like controls. I showcased the Springfield EMP4 (Enhanced Micro Pistol) “Concealed Carry Contour” with a 4” bull barrel. Unlike the other EMP4 models, the 9mm Carry Contour uses thin G10 grips and has an angled cut in the grip to reduce printing when concealed. Firing that pistol is so smooth it’s like cheating.

Also, featured is the small and lightweight 911 in 9mm. Fully loaded with eight rounds, the Springfield 911 weighs just 19.75 ounces. It comes with night sights, G10 grips and a 7- and 6-round magazines. There is nothing like a single-action “1911” trigger, and these two models deliver precise accuracy.

The EMP4 at top has a bobbed grip for enhanced concealability, and the 911 in 9mm (below) is pint-sized and powerful.


Check out the attached video above and let us know which of the featured models are your favorites in “Springfield Armory Handgun World.” I know I like them all and can’t choose just one for myself!

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Dan Abraham

Dan Abraham

Dan "TheFireArmGuy" Abraham is a gun enthusiast, collector and 2A advocate. Sending a strong 2A message and showcasing firearms is a passion for him. He enjoys featuring firearms that suit the "working man." Dan believes firearm ownership is an essential American value. Understanding that firearms are not a "one size fits all," Dan offers gun reviews that help the reader choose the best fit for them. Within his reviews, the reader will observe the gun's features, specifications, shooting impressions and best applications. He attempts to be informative, concise with "no fluff" and on point.

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