What Is the Best AR-15 Sling?

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What Is the Best AR-15 Sling?

September 6th, 2021

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If there were a perfect sling for the AR-15 or a similar carbine, what would this sling be?

An ideal sling for your needs is likely to vary from someone else’s pick. The choice will vary based on what you need it for. For example, a patrol officer at a suburban department might need something different than a hunter. Likewise, a Marine in the field might want something different than a plain old gun enthusiast or an Instagram operator.

Man running an Armageddon gear AR-15 sling on a SAINT rifle
The author running the Armageddon Gear 1.5″ Perfect Carbine Sling on his Springfield SAINT AR-15 rifle.

So, let’s take a few minutes and identify the aspects you want to consider when finding that perfect sling for you. I’ll lay out some traits that I factor into my decisions and hope you find them useful as well.


The first thing on our feature list is that it’d be a two-point to single-point convertible sling. This sort of thing already exists and it’s a great feature to have the versatility of both.

The two-point sling is a fantastic sling for just about every scenario. Although, when it comes to shoulder transitions, the single point is the best there is.

Armageddon Gear 1.5” Perfect Carbine Sling
The Armageddon Gear 1.5” Perfect Carbine Sling is among the best out there. The author loved the width, the bungie section, and the quick-adjusting method.

If you know you are going in somewhere and room clearing, it’d be great to set up your sling as a single point before entry. A two-point sling can shoulder transition well on its own, but to do it as seamlessly as a single point — without choking yourself — you have to swim out of the sling.

Swimming out of the sling works well, but it causes you to lose a bit of security as now the sling is only around your neck and it’s not tightly secured to your body. On the other hand, a single point would still at least have a full loop around your body.

Quick detach smash hooks on AR-15 sling
Another quick detach method for slings is smash hooks. These hooks smash onto metal rings mounted on your gun to quickly attach your sling.

For a more in-depth look at these two sling types, check out our articles on how to use a single-point sling and two-point sling use.


There isn’t much to say here. The sling just has to be able to quickly adjust while you are wearing it. That means it has be able to tighten and loosen quickly.

Vickers 221 convertible sling
The Vickers 221 convertible sling in my opinion is right next to the Heavy Carbine Sling from Armageddon Gear. The design has great features.

Why is adjustability so important in finding the best sling? This is needed so that you can secure the rifle tightly to your body in case you have to go hands-free. For a hunter, this allows you to safely climb into a tree stand. A cop, on the other hand, may need to render aid to a victim or handcuff a suspect.

Bungee Section

Saying it absolutely must have a bungee section may sound a bit overkill. However, it does make carrying a rifle more comfortable and it allows you to wear it tighter to your body also.

Bungie section of an AR-15 sling
A wide strapped sling with a bungie section, like the Armageddon Gear 1.5” Perfect Carbine Sling has, makes for a very comfortable sling.

The bungee section also lets you have it as tight as possible while still being able to do a ready-up to present onto the target. While the rifle stock is in the shoulder pocket, this bungee section sucks the rifle into the shoulder, providing tight tension on the sling that is used to keep your sights more steady. So, not only is a bungee section comfortable, but it does have some tactical advantages as well.

It’s Gotta Be Wide

So, the sling we really love that has most of these features is the Armageddon Gear 1.5” Heavy Duty Carbine Sling. This sling has a width of 1.5” and a bungee section on the shoulder, which makes this sling impressively comfortable.

A wide strap will not dig into your shoulder nearly as bad as a thin one. There are some slings that have tubular bungee sections on the shoulder, and those still cut in pretty bad in my opinion.

Easy On, Off

If this sling can be worn as a two-point sling, then it will be easy to take on and off. Of course, it needs quick detach methods to the weapon, too, whether these are hooks or — my personal favorite — the QD swivel. More specifically, it needs to have a quick-release buckle of some sort.

Quick release buckle on a sling
One feature a sling must have to be considered perfect is a buckle to release quickly the gun in an emergency.

In certain emergency situations, it could be very beneficial to unclip your sling and get out of it quickly. If someone is in some capacity of service, whether it’s law enforcement or military, and they are involved in a vehicle crash, the rifle sling could be caught in debris. It’d be awesome to unclip the buckle and pull the sling through the debris. Additionally, they could undo the QD method also and completely take the sling off.

Sling attachment to AR-15 rifle
The author’s preferred attachment method for slings is the QD swivel, as being able to control which direction the sling goes is great.

So, Which Is the Perfect Sling?

Our opinions will probably differ here, and that’s okay.

But if Grant or I had to pick a sling that is closest to perfect, it’d be the Heavy Duty Carbine Sling from Armageddon Gear. However, the 1.5” Armageddon Gear sling can’t convert to a single-point design. It also doesn’t have a way to keep its extra slack neat as it is tightened down. This can leave you with a long tail hanging from your sling.

I have had quite a bit of time running the Armageddon Gear sling, and I do think overall that it is best sling for most of my needs. The sling is also super simple which I appreciate. So, for the time being, my vote is for the Armageddon Gear sling.

However, I do plan on getting my hands on a Vickers 221 in the near future as it is a convertible and had a very good reputation, I also plan on sending my perfect feature list to Armageddon Gear just to see what happens. So, stay tuned.

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