911 .380 Range Review

Video by Firearm Patriot
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911 .380 Range Review

May 11th, 2019

14:57 runtime

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Firearm Patriot

Firearm Patriot

Firearm Patriot is a former Captain in U.S. Army, former Special Assistant U.S. Attorney as well as Legal Representative to the Fort Knox Law Enforcement Command, Personal Confinement Facility and Regional Confinement Facility. He was assigned to the 194th Armor Brigade and was honored to receive The Army Commendation Medal. While stationed at Fort Knox, he witnessed the aftermath of a mass shooting by a civilian employee. This enhanced his already strong support for the Second Amendment as he recognized that had the victims been armed they might have protected themselves. Firearm Patriot is a Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon Instructor.

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