Adapt-A-Panel Gear: Stay Armed In Your Vehicle

By Greg Foutz
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Adapt-A-Panel Gear: Stay Armed In Your Vehicle

March 6th, 2021

4 minute read

In these uncertain times, you never know what might happen around the next corner you turn, whether you are driving in your truck or shopping at the mall. That uncertainty has transformed the way the majority of us think about our personal safety and how we approach our daily activities.

Due to recent events, there are now many millions of Americans that have never owned guns, but now do. These new gun owners have a whole new mindset regarding their own personal well-being. But how to be best prepared to protect yourself?

Adapt-A-Panel in a truck
Be prepared for whatever happens with careful planning and organization using the Adapt-A-Panel seat back organizers.

Since I’m a gun guy, and a truck guy, a tech guy, kind of a gear head and have the skill and capability of building things, it only made sense for me to create the products I needed, so I did.

Adapt-A-Panel in a backpack
Smaller-sized Adapt-A-Panels are designed to fit into common packs and briefcases. They could be the perfect solution for organizing your get home bag.


Adapt-A-Panel (AAP) is a U.S.-made system for in-vehicle gear mounting and organizing common items for quick transfer to personal carry bags and backpacks. AAP is based on a patent-pending system that incorporates a unique panel grid pattern that uses a variety of grid inserts.

Adapt-A-Panel connection hardware
With the Adapt-A-Panel grid insert, you can attach nearly any gear to the grid panel.

These inserts allow you to configure the load out of the panel to fit your unique circumstances and needs. The AAP system allows you to quickly change the panel configuration. It is functional and flexible, and you can attach nearly any gear/product to the panels. It also permits any MOLLE strap to attach accessories.

XD-M pistol in the Adapt-A-Panel
Where prudent and legally permissible, a full-sized pistol can be secured on a Adapt-A-Panel for fast access.

They are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. The .125” thick aluminum sheets are laser cut for precision fit. Each panel is then black texture powder coated for a durable finish that will look great for many years to come.

The AAP system is built in several sizes, from larger seat back organizer panels down to smaller panels that fit into backpacks and even handbags. You can mount them almost anywhere. By matching up the correct panel size for your application with the grid inserts, you can mount nearly any holster or rifle carrier to the correct size panel with ease and strength. Most standard-style holsters with a threaded insert can be adapted and used on the panels with one grid insert kit.

Mounting a holster to the Adapt-A-Panel
By using one of the smaller AAP grid panels, you can keep a pistol stable and secure while carried in a backpack or another bag.

Quick Release

By adding quick-release nylon webbing strap kits, the panels can be mounted on a seat back in less than a minute. The straps make it easy to have different panel configurations and to move them between multiple vehicles. It’s also easy to remove the panels when you have to leave the vehicle unattended for extended periods of time. 

The cool thing about AAP is that you can configure them differently to fit the activities that you do all of the time and/or those that you just do occasionally. I have clients that have a panel configured with all of the gear they need to go hiking or climbing, a second panel configured with first aid and medical gear, and a third panel that is set up with a rifle and pistol combo. No need to spend a ton of time gathering up all of your stuff and packing for the trip. Grab the appropriate panel and go.


With an AAP system, you can have a handy means of storing and transporting your firearms and accessories, as well prepping gear for immediate access quickly and easily.

Editor’s Note: Be aware of your local and state as well as federal laws and how they apply to carrying/transporting/storing firearms in your vehicle. This piece does not constitute legal advice.

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Greg Foutz

Greg Foutz

Greg Foutz is a professional off-road race driver with four class championships and four Baja 1000 wins. He made a career out of racing with Ford Motor Company in the stock production class and was an integral part of the Ford Raptor truck program for years. Greg is the owner of Foutz Motorsports, LLC, a company that performs specialized work in the off-road world, including prototype engineering and manufacturing production line automation design and development. He is also the founder and owner of Adapt-A-Panel and GunMount product line. In his spare time, Greg is an amateur gun enthusiast with an adventurous outlook on life.

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