Hidden Hybrid Hellcat Appendix Carry Holster

By Michael Mills
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Hidden Hybrid Hellcat Appendix Carry Holster

June 13th, 2021

5:44 runtime

Finding the right fit. When it comes to pistols, we will spend hours going over specs, looking at photos, and then will finally make that purchase. But what about the holster we intend to carry it in? Will we spend as much time looking at it? I would venture to say we will not. But that is a mistake as your holster is just as important as your gun.

Hidden Hybrid Appendix Carry holster with FDE Hellcat
There are a lot of options when it comes to concealed carry holsters. The Hidden Hybrid Appendix rig offers a great fit for the Springfield Hellcat.

What should you consider when picking out your holster? When it comes to holster materials, there are really three man materials in the game: Kydex, leather and Boltaron. Never heard of that last one? Although Boltaron is very similar in appearance and properties to Kydex, it’s slightly different. So, what happens when you combine two of these three main materials?

Hybrid … and Not a Car

Leather is more comfortable than Kydex. I think we can all agree there. But what about combining leather and Kydex? Hidden Hybrid Holsters is producing holsters that give you the comfort of leather where you want it, with the protection and durability of Kydex where you need it.

EDC with the Hellcat and Hidden Hybrid holster
Your EDC gear may vary, but teaming the Hellcat with a Surefire light and a quality blade is never a bad choice.

If you wear an inside-the-waistband holster (or IWB, as it is commonly referred to) you have felt that Kydex dig into you. Although Kydex does make a great durable holster, since comfort can often dictate how much you carry or what size pistol you carry, it is a very important consideration.

The Bits & Pieces

There are some elements that set a Hidden Hybrid apart from other similar holsters, and those are going to be the quality and design. All Hidden Hybrid holsters feature suede-backed 9 to 10 oz. Amish leather. The suede backing is not only molded and minded, but stitched as well. This helps to ensure years of comfortable service.

Close up look at the Hidden Hybrid holster
The Hidden Hybrid Appendix holster is well made and looks good. The craftsmanship appears solid.

The Kydex is vacuum formed to the exact mold of the pistol you order it for, giving you great retention even while not being worn. The leather is cut to ensure that a full grip purchase can be achieved when unholstering, and also to ensure it’s safe upon re-holstering. All of the fasteners are coated to ensure long lasting life against sweat and the elements. When paring a comfortable holster with something like the Hellcat, which is the highest capacity micro compact, carrying all day is no problem at all. 

The holster itself is an appendix carry/strong side holster that is available in right or left hand. It is offered in a wide range of color options (including the basic black I selected) and is offered for the entire Hellcat line including the OSP and RDP models. If you haven’t seen them already, make sure you catch Paul Carlson’s video review of the RDP.


If you’re looking for a good deep concealment holster for your Hellcat pistol that is both comfortable and secure, the Hidden Hybrid Appendix Carry Strong Side Holster is a great option. Be sure to check it out.

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Michael Mills

Michael Mills

Michael Mills created www.tacticalconsiderations.com as a way to help spread good information, shed positive light on the gun community and to have fun. He has always loved teaching and helping others, especially when it comes to gun rights. This passion was further ingrained during his service in U.S. Army Special Operations, and he is a Use of Force Instructor, Defensive Tactics instructor, DEA Firearms Instructor and Police Academy instructor. He also has 15 years of law enforcement experience from patrol to supervision.

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