M1A Loaded Precision

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M1A Loaded Precision

July 26th, 2020

2:44 runtime

In this video (above), James Tarr reviews the Springfield Armory M1A Loaded Precision. He explains that Springfield Armory has had a great deal of success selling the M1A series of rifles, and that the M1A Loaded Precision adds a new dimension to the line.

The M1A Loaded Precision Rifle takes the popular M1A platform to the next level with an advanced stock system.

Strong Feelings

While he mentions that the name is hard for him to remember, Tarr points out that the rifle’s name refers to the fact the rifle features a customizable Archangel Precision Adjustable stock.

The stock is designed to allow for extremely easy adjustment for the height of the comb, as well as for adjusting the buttstock’s length of pull. While the version Tarr tested was the all-black version, the rifle is also offered with a stainless steel barrel and also with a Desert FDE stock option.

The stock is adjustable for comb height and length of pull, along with many other upgraded features.

The rifle sports a National Match front sight, and a National Match rear aperture sight without a hood. The rear sight is ½ MOA adjustable for windage and 1 MOA adjustable for elevation. The rifle comes standard with a 10-round magazine.

Reaching Out

While the rifle does feature excellent iron sights, it’s designed for precision shooting that can benefit from the use of an optic. While the rifle does not come with a scope mount, the rifle is set up to accept one easily, such as the Springfield Armory 4th Generation Scope Mount. (To learn more about mouting a scope on an M1A rifle click here.)

Tarr found the stock very easy to use and adjust during his testing of the rifle.

The facilitate precision shooting, the rifle comes with a two-stage trigger that is excellent, and breaks at 4.5 lbs.

Tarr explains that the rifle is also no lightweight, weighing in at 11.25 lbs., even before you mount a scope. But, if you shoot it off a bench, as the stock is clearly designed for, that weight can become a benefit. Along those lines, the stock features a strip of Picatinny rail on the lower face of the forend, designed to accept a bipod for this very type of shooting.

The M1A Loaded Precision is designed to wring a lot of performance out of the M1A platform.


So, if you’re looking for an accurate and shootable M1A with a stock designed to help wring out as much performance as possible from the platform, then be sure to check out Tarr’s video review above.

Editor’s Note: This video was created by James Tarr and shared with us by Handguns. The original piece can be viewed here. Also, be sure to check out The Armory Life Forum, where you can comment about our daily articles, as well as just talk guns and gear. Click the “Go To Forum Thread” link below to jump in!

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