Review: Real Avid Gun Tool AMP

By Andy Grossman
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Review: Real Avid Gun Tool AMP

June 20th, 2021

4 minute read

We have all been to the range and had a scope come loose, a pin back out or a round get jammed up. You go to look for a tool only to realize you do not have anything with you, or what you do have doesn’t work for that pin or screw. You end up trying to use a car key or a spent casing, which normally does not work and just marks up your gun or optic. It is probably one of the most frustrating things at the range and it happens all too often.

Real Avid gun tools
These compact multi-tools come loaded in three platform-specific versions: AR15, Pistol, and 1911, They are the ultimate tools for any range bag.

Luckily, Real Avid came up with a fantastic solution with the brand-new line of range tools that they call Gun Tool AMP. These compact multi-tools are offered in three different variations specifically designed for AR-15, Pistol, and 1911. In my opinion, these are the ultimate tools for any range bag. Real Avid is known for its premium and innovative firearms tools and cleaning products, and they definitely did not disappoint with these new multi-tools.

The Tool

These new Gun Tools bring a new level of simplicity, functionality and usability to the gun tool market. The Gun Tool AMP features a unique multi-function holster that holds a bit set and a folding multi-tool. The holster portion also transforms into a magnetic bit driver that locks in place when fully opened.

Gun tools by Real Avid
Each Real Avid Gun Tool AMP serves a different platform, yet they are all compact and easy to carry.

The sturdy holster adds a new level of functionality without adding all the unnecessary bulk of other tool kits. The tools are built strong to take the abuse of the range and each variation of the gun-specific tools are loaded with features specific to the three-gun platforms they are designed for.

Pistol Perfection

The pistol AMP tool is my personal favorite because I shoot a lot of pistols very regularly. All the tools are made from premium stainless steel with titanium and black oxide finishes.

Pistol tools by Real Avid
Real Avid AMP Pistol tool is the perfect solution to clear jams, adjust sights, push pins, tighten screws, or just cut open a box of ammo.

The pistol tool includes a 2.6″ Wharncliffe knife, laser and trigger adjustment tools, a 2.5mm pin punch, a small tap hammer, flat scraper, file, pick, nut wrenches, and of course a bottle opener. The holster features magnetic storage for the bit set as well as a fold-out bit driver and a belt clip. This tool is fantastic for all your pistol needs and has been able to handle pretty much everything from my Springfield Hellcat to my Desert Eagle.

A 1911 Universal Key

If you’re a 1911 fan like me, you know that they require a few special tools to work on them that your polymer pistols don’t necessarily need. Real Avid has us covered with the Gun Tool AMP 1911 tool as well.

1911 tool by Real Avid
Note the 1911 bushing wrench in the handle of the 1911 AMP.

The 1911 tool is similar to the pistol tool but was designed specifically for the 1911 platform like the Springfield Armory Ronin. It includes both Government and Officer barrel bushing wrenches, just about every 1911 related bit you can imagine, and the tool has a fold-out driver. The 1911 multi-tool also includes punches, scrapers, picks, wrenches, a knife, and a very nice array of hex keys. All of this in a compact kit that can go anywhere you or your 1911s do.

The AR-Everything Option

The AR-15 is definitely a different animal from a pistol, and Real Avid did not leave America’s most popular platform out of the tool lineup. The AR-15 tool is designed to keep your AR-15s up and running in any environment.

AR-15 tool by Real Avid
The AMP multi-tools have just about everything you could need at the range for your selected firearm.

It is packed with features like carbon scrapers that will work with every BCG surface, just about every common AR-15 related bit, and that awesome fold-out driver found on the other models to make on-the-fly adjustments and repairs with ease. I found it worked great with a SAINT AR-15. The AR-15 tool also features 2.6″ Tanto Blade, takedown punch, bolt override tool, and a tap hammer.


If you are an avid shooter and value your range time, these Real Avid AMP tools will keep you runnin’ and gunnin’ all day and night. Range trips will no longer be ruined by not having the right tool, and your gun’s finish will thank you as well.

I grabbed all three of these tools for $69.99 each. A very reasonable price in my opinion for such an awesome product. They function well, look great, and will definitely keep you happy when it is time to repair or adjust your favorite firearm. I won’t ever be caught at the range without them.

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Andy Grossman

Andy Grossman

Andy is a content creator and photographer for a wide range of outdoor publications, including Athlon Outdoors. As a certified NRA Instructor since 2008, he has taught concealed weapons courses and firearms safety courses in Michigan. Through both photography and writing, Andy tests and reviews the latest guns and gear with the goal to bring an unbiased opinion to the reader on some of the industry’s most popular products.

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