Review: Waffentechnik Model B2K Hellion Bayonet

By Randall Wilson
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Review: Waffentechnik Model B2K Hellion Bayonet

December 18th, 2023

6 minute read

Blades of all kinds pre-date firearms and remain useful as tools in everyday life. Resident knife expert Randall Wilson reviews the Waffentechnik B2K bayonet for the Springfield Armory Hellion. Does the Hellion bayonet perform in the real world? Read on for the full evaluation.

Yes, the bayonet is arguably a relic of the past. From the American Civil War to the trenches of World War I in Europe and beyond, we’ve all the seen images of rifles with blades affixed at the muzzle. Whether they are a practical addition or not, there is admittedly a certain fascination for many of us with these implements.

waffentechnik b2k bayonet review od green knife handle sheath wire cutter
The Waffentechnik B2K bayonet is a perfect fit for the Springfield Hellion rifle with the 20″ barrel.

To that end, Springfield Armory provides a solution for owners of the 20” variant of the popular Hellion 5.56mm bullpup that want to “fix bayonets!”. Unlike the shorter 16” and 18” variants of the bullpup, the 20” Hellion features a handy lug for accepting a rifle-mounted knife — and Springfield has one to recommend. But more on that in a moment.

Gaining an Edge

Early bayonets were named after the Basque Bayonne region of France. In the 1500’s, hunters there carried a foot-long double-edged knife whose butt was inserted into the barrel of a musket. They were called plug bayonets for obvious reasons and were used to dispatch game.

review of black waffentechnik b2k bayonet
The Waffentechnik Model B2K is available in both black and OD green. It attaches easily to the 20″ Hellion.

Later socket bayonets affixed themselves around the barrel and allowed reloading without removal of the knife. In the late 1600’s, regiments of the French Fusiliers and British Dragoons began using the bayonet in warfare.

Since a musket is very slow to reload, wielding a bayonet could certainly be a lifesaver at certain moments. The bayonnette replaced the employment of dedicated pikemen to protect the musketeers during reloads.

B2K Details

The Springfield Armory Hellion bayonet, designated the B2K, is made by Waffentechnik, based in Solingen, Germany. The B2K bayonet is employed by the Croatian Ministry of Defence for use on the VHS-D2 bullpup rifles that are produced by HS Produkt (the manufacturer of the semi-automatic Hellion).

black waffentechnik b2k bayonet mounted on springfield hellion
In addition to normal blade testing, the author mounted the B2K bayonet on his Hellion for additional evaluations.

Offered in black or OD Green, the NATO-pattern bayonet’s flat ground Bowie-pattern blade is 7.3” of 440A stain-resistant steel, which has a high chromium content and moderate carbon. It resists the elements well and is relatively easy to sharpen. The bayonet has a special anti-corrosion coating on all metal parts and weighs in at 20.8 ounces. Overall length of the knife is 12.2”.

The handle scales are made from PA6 GK30, a resin which is reinforced with 30% glass beads. It exhibits toughness, heat resistance, and resistance to salts, chemicals, and corrosive media. Yeah, it’s a worthy polymer. It feels very non-slip in the hand.

black waffentechnik b2k bayonet sheath
A sheath is included with the Waffentechnik Model B2K. Not only does it carry and protect the blade, it also works with the knife to cut wire.

A serious sheath accompanies the B2K. Waffentechnik calls it a Textile Wearing System. The sheath is composed of a web nylon and a polymer scabbard, and is MOLLE- & IDZ-compatible. A sapphire sharpening plate, drain hole, flat-tipped screwdriver, and lanyard tie-down enhance the TWS.

Waffentechnik Model B2K Bayonet Specifications

Here are the specs on the Hellion bayonet:

Blade Length7.3″
Blade Material440A Stainless Steel
Overall Length12.2″
Weight20.8 oz
ColorsBlack, OD green
FeaturesWire cutter, sharpening plate, screwdriver
AccessoriesSheath (included)

Wringing It Out

The blade’s clip and sheath combine to build a wire cutter that the manufacturer attests will sever hardened concertina. While I’m fresh out of that around here, I did find some lengths of galvanized steel cable and rod at the hardware store. While softer than concertina, the Hellion’s bayonet clip cut through the galvanized items with a sharp snap. Although there is a stop that keeps the blade from closing fully against the sheath, I would wear gloves and take special care when cutting in this manner.

author testing bayonet on hellion rifle
The Springfield Armory Hellion bayonet, designated the B2K, is made by Waffentechnik, based in Solingen, Germany.

My B2K’s edge required a minor touch-up to the 440A. It came reasonably keen from the factory, but I wanted to see if I could get it more “razory” for my assessment. Owing to the good edge geometry, some passes on a Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker satisfied this task.

[Catch Randall Wilson’s article How to Sharpen a Knife.]

sharpening the b2k bayonet knife
The bayonet sheath includes a sharpening plate to touch up the blade while in the field.

A few ouchies were inflicted upon the B2K’s non-reflective coating during my testing. Much like a current knife-forging television show’s competition testing, I gave the bayonet no quarter. From slicing rope to chopping hardwood to bashing the edge on an ammo container, the bayonet proved to be very tough.

My efforts only slightly dulled the knife, which was brought back to sharpness without argument. I tried the sharpening plate attached to the polymer sheath body. While only about an inch square, it necessitates working small portions of the knife’s edge at a time. I would reserve its use for emergencies. But, it is very handy to have.

When tested on my personal AR-pattern rifle, the Hellion’s bayonet nested as advertised. I actually liked its looks when compared to my old U.S. Military M7 model, which I bought back in the 1980’s. The B2K appears more businesslike than its Vietnam War-era-looking counterpart.

cutting wire with the bayonet
The bayonet and sheath can work together as a wire cutter. The author tested this with galvanized steel cable.

In addition, I was able to acquire a 20” Hellion bullpup to act as a host for the B2K bayonet. I found that it clicked on solidly and securely to the Hellion, no surprise considering the fact the bayonet is employed on HS Produkt firearms. I did note that the unique configuration of a bullpup (where the action is located behind the trigger group) made the handling of the Hellion with the bayonet different than when I fitted the B2K to my AR.

springfield armory hellion bayonet
The B2K employs a NATO pattern for compatibility with M4/M16 rifles in addition to the Hellion. It has a flat ground Bowie-pattern blade made of 440A stain-resistant steel.

A little research into bayonet usage revealed that some techniques have the operator grasp the narrow neck of a rifle stock behind the pistol grip with the rear hand. This lengthens the distance between the hands for more leverage. As a bullpup, the Hellion cannot practically afford this purchase. From an ergonomic standpoint, the dominant hand has to anchor on the Hellion’s pistol grip, which places the support hand just forward of it on the forestock.

Final Thoughts

The Springfield Armory B2K is a hearty companion to the 20” Hellion. With an impressive pedigree and clearly excellent quality, the Waffentechnik B2K Bayonet is a great accessory for your favorite bullpup. Priced at an MSRP of $299, it’s available in black or OD Green from the Springfield Armory Store.

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Randall Wilson

Randall Wilson

Randall Wilson is a 36-year law enforcement veteran with experience in K9, SWAT, Detectives, and Professional Standards. He retired as a Major from a mid-sized Florida police department and now serves as a Captain at a smaller police agency. He is a hunter, archer, martial arts practitioner, knife maker and dad.

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