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The Armory Life Presents Volume 11: 1911 Digital Magazine

Editor's Column

Welcome to our 11th volume of The Armory Life Presents, a specialty series of curated digital content from The Armory Life.

This edition features articles and videos on the history of the 1911 pistol, covering its storied history throughout the 20th century and beyond. Check them all out below.

The Armory Life is your go-to source for daily firearms-focused content covering firearms, CCW, survival, tactics, hunting, training and more. And don’t forget to check out The Armory Life Forum​. — Editor, Mike Humphries

An Incomparable Warrior: The 1911

#Guns #History By Mike Faw

When a 1911 Shot Down a Japanese Zero

#Guns #History By T. Logan Metesh

The Generals & Their Guns

#Guns #History By Tom Laemlein

Apaches with 1911s

#Guns #History By Tom Laemlein

The 1911 in the Skies

#Guns #History By Tom Laemlein

Hunting Pancho Villa with the 1911

#Guns #History By Tom Laemlein

The Tunnel Rats

#History By Tom Laemlein

Hollywood, the 1911 & Its Stunt Double

#Guns #History By Peter Suciu

The Grunt’s Greatest Gat

#Guns By Will Dabbs, MD

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