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The Armory Life Presents Volume 9: EDC Digital Magazine

Editor's Column

Welcome to our ninth edition of The Armory Life Presents, a specialty series of curated digital content from The Armory Life.

This volume not only covers the exciting Ronin EMP 9mm pistols, but also features numerous EDC-themed pieces from The Armory Life. Check them all out below.

The Armory Life is your go-to source for daily firearms-focused content covering firearms, CCW, survival, tactics, hunting, training and more. And don’t forget to check out The Armory Life Forum​. — Editor, Mike Humphries

Should You Shoot? Self-Defense Tips You Don’t Know

#Skills By Mike Boyle

Review: The Ronin EMP

#Guns By Jeremy Tremp

History of the Failure Drill: Mozambique Revolt Roots

#History #Skills By Robert A. Sadowski

Is Carrying a Micro 1911 a Mistake?

#EDC By Sam Weitzner

The Threat You Missed — Are You Prepared?

#Skills By Mike Boyle

Pistol Red Dots: Are Iron Sights Better?

#Gear #Skills By Mike Boyle

Reloading in a Gunfight: Basic Skills You Need

#Skills By Hunt Fish Shoot

Review: CrossBreed Rogue System Holster

#Gear By Adam Scepaniak

Handheld or Weapon-Mounted Light: What You Need To Know

#Skills By Ivan Gelo

5 Top Car Carry Options

#EDC #Gear By Mark Richardson

Blades for Self-Defense: Fearsome or Foolhardy?

#EDC #Skills By Steve Tarani

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