New Bushnell Reflex Sights

By Dan Abraham
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New Bushnell Reflex Sights

February 3rd, 2023

5:49 runtime

Bushnell recently introduced two pistol red dot reflex optics to the market, the RXU-200 and the RXC-200, and I feel they are welcome additions to the handgun optic world. They are built with a rugged aluminum body, and the glass is as clear as any optic I have tested.

new bushnell reflex sights
The new Bushnell reflex sights offer fantastic performance at a very reasonable price. The author takes a look at both options in this article.

In my opinion, the new Bushnell red dots should garner attention from those who love shooting with reflex sights. Bushnell has a fine reputation for producing quality firearm optics, so I suspect the growing market of handguns produced with slide cuts for red dots was too much to ignore. They jumped headfirst into the mix and created two well-built and user-friendly reflex sights.

What’s the Deal?

The popularity of red dots on handguns has grown incredibly fast the past three years. I remember a few years back in a defensive training class I took that a couple guys had red dots on their handguns.

two new bushnell pistol red dot sights
Mounted on the Springfield Hellcat FDE, the new Bushnell sights look like they were designed specifically for the pistol.

I thought, “Man, that’s cheating.” In my mind, red dot sights belonged on long guns. To me, it made no sense. However, I saw these guys ring steel quicker than anyone else in the training class. Actually, they outperformed everyone.

overhead mounting screws for bushnell rds
To install the Bushnell red dot sights, an owner needs only remove the slide cover and turn a pair of screws. The installation time is less than five minutes.

I soon realized that these guys might just be on to something. And it looks like everyone else has figured that out, too. As the years passed, red dots on pistols have become mainstream. From the competition circuit to concealed carriers, shooters are choosing red dots on their handguns.

The Details

The RXU-200 is the “ultra” compact model, and the RXC-200 is a slightly larger “compact” variant. Both feature 6 MOA dots, and both feature the RMS/RMSc footprint.

front corner of red dot sight
The Bushnell sights mount directly to the Hellcat slide without the need of an adaptor plate. This allows for co-witnessing and closer alignment with the bore.

While the RXC-200 is small, I gravitated toward the even smaller RXU-200 due to the fact I was planning on putting it on a Hellcat. The Bushnell RXU-200 is a micro reflex sight that has a compact lens and frame that helps keep the pistol in its smallest configuration.

The optics are “always on”, therefore they have no confusing buttons or levers to deal with. They have auto adjustment for the 6 MOA red dot. That means the red dot will automatically adjust the brightness according to the setting. If it is dark out, the intensity will decrease. If it’s a sunny day, the red dot will increase in brightness.

The Hellcat’s factory sights are useable with the Bushnell optics installed. Should you ever develop a problem with the red dot, you can still use the irons.

The billet aluminum housings are made from 7075-06 aircraft-grade metal. They use real glass with an EXO barrier coating that minimizes fogging, and repels water, dust and debris. They also have co-witness cuts in the rear of their frames. They are powered by a CR 2032 battery that Bushnell claims will last 50,000 hours.

Range Time

I decided to mount the Bushnell RXU-200 on my Springfield Hellcat OSP. Bushnell has performed several reliability tests with the RX-200 series and they have been proven to take a lot of abuse and keep on running. The RXU-200 has a strong frame and clear glass, and the red dot is very easy for me to acquire.

testing the bushnell rds
Testing new kit on the range is the best way to determine its value. Plus, it gives you much-needed time to learn the new system.

When I mount a pistol reflex sight, I first adjust the red dot according to what I believe is accurate. Typically, it’s just a few clicks with the elevation and windage settings.

At the range, my strategy was proven successful because it took just eight shots to get the sight dialed in. After that, I rang steel quite well.

bushnell pistol sight
The leading edge of the Bushnell sight housing has a slight curve. This allows the shooter to more easily use it for slide manipulation.

If you watch the attached video, you will notice that the Bushnell RXU-200 and the Springfield Hellcat were a nice combination. I enjoyed the clear red dot, quick target acquisition and hearing the ring of steel. After all, isn’t that why we put red dots on handguns to begin with?

The Other Option

The Bushnell RXC-200 (compact) embodies the same features and characteristics as the shorter RXU-200. It uses a taller body, which equates to more glass to view the red dot.

bushnell rxu-200
Both the RXC-200 and RXU-200 offer great features. Which you choose is completely a matter of preference.

At this point, I am not certain which Springfield handgun the Bushnell RXC-200 will call home. I can, however, guarantee the red dot will soon be mounted so I can enjoy the same benefits the RXU-200 offers with my Hellcat.


I confidently believe that Bushnell created two phenomenal reflex red dots that are built tough and priced right. The MSRP on either of the RX-200 reflex sights is $199. For this price and the level of quality they exude, I think either is a great choice.

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Dan Abraham

Dan Abraham

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