The Armory Life Presents the Cantius Award

By Mike Humphries
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The Armory Life Presents the Cantius Award

October 1st, 2023

4 minute read

The Armory Life is proud to announce the Cantius Award, created to honor the top contributor of the previous year. Criteria for the selection is based on a wide range of considerations, including (but not exclusive to) volume of content created, consistency of content quality, support for new project launches, and more.

jeremy tremp cantius award 2023
Jeremy Tremp has been awarded the Cantius Award from The Armory Life as its Contributor of the Year, along with receiving the commemorative jacket.

After careful consideration, Jeremy Tremp has been selected as the winner of the Cantius Award.

Etymology of an Award

For those that might be curious as to the selection of this award’s name, which is now in its second year, it was chosen due to its connection to the history of one of Springfield Amory’s most iconic firearms — the M1A rifle.

2023 cantius award
Tremp was presented a framed certificate, a coveted The Armory Life burgundy jacket, and a custom stainless steel Garrison 1911 with The Armory Life shield logo.

Cantius refers to the middle name of no less than John C. Garand, creator of the iconic M1 Garand rifle. The M1 Garand proved itself in battle throughout World War II and even into the Cold War beyond. In addition, the M1 Garand provided the foundation for the development of the M14 rifle, with the latter carrying on the tradition of the M1 Garand and adapting the design for the future needs of the U.S. Military.

jeremy tremp shooting the springfield echelon
Tremp wrote the cover story for the print magazine on the new Echelon 9mm pistol.

While the M1 Garand-based M14’s official role as the primary service rifle of the U.S. Military would be short, it would spawn the birth of the semi-auto M1A rifle inspired by the M14 and produced by Geneseo, Illinois’ Springfield Armory (to learn more about that story, click here). And the original M14 would continue to serve in specialized military roles, even through to today.

Anatomy of the Selection

For those not familiar with Tremp’s background, he has been a contributor to The Armory Life for several years, creating very high-quality content for both the website and the magazine.

Tremp is a filmmaker/photographer who turned his passion for the firearms industry into a dream job. Having identified a need in the 2A space, he and some like-minded friends started Offensive Group to help bring their unique skillsets and “outside of the box” thinking to the firearms industry.

jeremy tremp shooting saint 9mm
The cover story for the print magazine on the SAINT Victor 9mm Carbine was penned by Tremp as well.

One of the many perks of this work is getting access to some of the best gear and training in the industry. In his spare time, he loves to be at the range testing gear and learning to be a better shooter, firearms advocate and content creator.

Over the past year, Tremp’s contributions to The Armory Life have been significant. In addition to providing in-depth reviews of numerous new releases of Springfield Armory products over that time, he has also written several cover stories for the print magazine. Specific examples of these pieces include his cover story pieces on the Echelon and the SAINT Victor 9mm Carbine, as well as his launch-day reviews of offerings such as the Model 2020 Rimfires and the Model 2020 Redline.

“I’ve always enjoyed telling stories through video, but I’d never had the chance to write until Mike Humphries asked me to create an article for The Armory Life,” said Tremp. “Who knew that simple conversation would lead to years of work covering some of the coolest and biggest launches for Springfield Armory? Writing about experiences and sharing knowledge scratches a creative itch for me unlike anything else and I am proud to contribute to the amazing team and readers for The Armory Life.

jeremy tremp with 2020 rimfire
Tremp covered the launch of the Model 2020 Rimfire family, giving readers a detailed review of the new guns.

As part of receiving the Cantius Award, Tremp was awarded a custom Garrison 1911 stainless steel pistol with The Armory Life shield logo engraved on it . He also received a framed Cantius Award certificate. And lastly, Tremp was presented a Cantius Award jacket in The Armory Life’s crimson with an embroidered gold “A”.

jeremy tremp with model 2020 redline
The launch of the Model 2020 Redline was supported with Tremp’s informative review and video on the new gun.

“Winning the Cantius Award from Springfield Armory was amazing,” continued Tremp. “The jacket and custom engraved Garrison 1911 are very special to me. Contributing to The Armory Life has made me a better communicator and has increased my thirst for adventure and storytelling. Thanks to the whole team as well as the passionate readers who keep The Armory Life community thriving.”


Our congratulations to Jeremy Tremp for his selection as this year’s Cantius Award winner. We want to reiterate how impressed we are by all of his hard work in both the digital and print mediums of The Armory Life, and how important a part of the success of The Armory Life he has been. We look forward to seeing more of his work in future!

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Mike Humphries

Mike Humphries

Michael Humphries is editor of The Armory Life. He has worked for nearly two decades in the firearms industry, serving on the editorial staff of American Rifleman with the National Rifle Association as well as holding editorial positions with publishers such as FMG Publications and He currently lives in Iowa with his family and enjoys trying out new guns and gear whenever possible.

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