Top 5 Garrison 1911 Holsters

By Bailey Winfree
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Top 5 Garrison 1911 Holsters

August 2nd, 2022

5 minute read

So, you have picked up a new 1911 — the Springfield Armory 1911 Garrison. A traditionally crafted handgun with some unique upgrades, it is a version that turns the pistol into a 1911 with both modern and classic features that appeals to a wide range of shooters. Like all Springfield 1911s, the Garrison features forged construction for durability, as well as high-quality sights, and lowered and flared ejection ports.

Springfield Armory 1911 Garrison pistol next to magazine and ammo
A defensive handgun needs a quality holster to keep it handy when it is required.

With such a fine handgun, you need only the best accessories to pair with your purchase. If you’re not sure where to start or what you might need, look no further than this article. In the course of this piece, we will walk you through the basics and will go over some top choices for the 1911 Garrison, and all are available on the Springfield Armory Store.

Before we jump into the roundup of the holsters, there are two terms you will see in the description of them: IWB and OWB. IWB stands for inside-the-waistband, and OWB means outside-the-waistband. There is also a chest carry option.

So, let’s dive in!

Diamond D Leather Guide’s Choice Chest Holster

The Guide’s Choice chest holster by Diamond D Leather is the OG chest holster. The Guide’s Choice Chest Holster is designed, tested, and hand made in the state of Alaska by leather gun holster craftsmen.

Diamond D Chest Holster for the Springfield Armory Garrison 1911
A chest rig like this one from Diamond D Leather moves the Garrison to a position that is easier to reach when in the woods.

The Guide’s Choice is simple, comfortable, easy to adjust & very versatile. With this holster you get the best accessibility without clothing- and gear-interference. The holster is designed to be used with outdoor activities in mind, from hunting to camping, offering you an extremely comfortable way to carry large and capable handguns like the Garrison.

Diamond D has spent 10+ years field testing The Guide’s Choice Leather Chest Holster to ensure the quality and performance of the system. Built for chest carry, shoulder carry or cross draw, this holster will easily keep up with whatever activity you may do and is available for left- or right-hand use.

These handmade leather holsters are shipped with an oil finish on the cowhide. If you would like your holster a darker shade of brown just set it in direct sunlight and the holster will darken.

Pricing is $185. While this may be the holster with the highest price tag, you truly are paying for a holster that will live up to your everyday lifestyle.

Galco Combat Master Tan Belt Holster

The Galco Combat Master combines quality and sound design to carry your standard 5″ 1911. A belt slide OWB holster, the Combat Master is offered for both left- or right-hand usage. The holster is a traditional high-riding pancake-style design that places the belt slots on either side of the holster. This allows it to pull the handgun tightly against the body for security and concealment.

Galco Combat Master leather holster for the Garrison 1911
Double stitching and high-quality leather are two of the trademarks Galco is known for.

The holster features an open-top design for ease of firing grip accessibility, offering a swift draw and quick presentation. Premium steerhide construction with double-stitched seams enhance durability. The butt-forward tilt allows effective concealment, and the twin belt slots fit belts up to 1¾” wide.

This OWB-style holster has a price of $103.00

Galco Yaqui Slide Tan Belt Holster

One of Galco’s most well-known holsters, the Yaqui Slide features a set of independent tension screw adjustments, allowing for a custom fit to the firearm and micro-adjustment of the draw stroke.

Galco Yaqui holster for the Garrison
A minimalist-type holster, a Yaqui Slide is a strong side carry rig that covers the trigger guard and reduces the bulk under clothing.

The sleek minimalist design and the near vertical carry angle makes for a fast draw, all while assuring that the firearm is secure for everyday activities. The open bottom design works great for 1911 pistols with varying barrel lengths from 3” to 5”.

This holster features a belt channel with a circular cut-out for placement on the belt to avoid shifting, it is constructed out of steerhide, and it fits belts up to 1 ¾”.

This OWB style holster has a price of $94.00. This holster is offered in both left- and right-hand versions.

Galco Summer Comfort IWB

The Summer Comfort IWB features a snap-on design that allows the holster to be removed without removing the belt, smooth out leather construction for comfort against your body, and a slight forward cant. 

Galco Summer Comfort leather holster for the Garrison 1911
The Galco Summer Comfort is a classic inside-the-waistband holster that has a reinforced opening that allows for reholstering after a draw.

Made from premium steerhide and fitting belts up to 1¾” in width, the Summer Comfort model from Galco is the perfect IWB for your 1911. 

This holster has a price of $92.00

Mitch Rosen 5JR Express

Mitch Rosen holsters are regarded as some of the best leather products available, and the Mitch Rosen 5JR Express holster is no exception.

Mitch Rosen 5JR Express holster for the Springfield Garrison 1911
Known as a top quality holster manufacturer, Mitch Rosen also produces an Express line that reduces some of the hand finishing in favor of a very reasonable price.

Made from the finest leather, the 5JR Express is an OWB-style holster that is designed to fit belts up to 1½” belts. With a price of $85, it combines the high quality for which the company is known at a very reasonable price.

This open-top rig is form-fitted to the Garrison and will hold it securely in place through all normal activities. Plus the rich black leather is a good-looking accessory to your Springfield Armory pistol.


There you have it, a round-up of top holsters for the 5” 1911 pistols like the Springfield Armory 1911 Garrison. The leather holsters in the piece give you an excellent variety of different types of carry options. Whether you were looking for an IWB, OWB or chest carry holster, there is something there for just about everybody.

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Bailey Winfree

Bailey Winfree

Bailey Winfree was born and raised in Geneseo, Illinois. She grew up knowing Springfield Armory quite well, as her father has been an employee of the company for as long as she has been alive. From a young age, she was taught firearm safety and learned how to shoot from her father. Because she grew up around Springfield Armory, she has always had an immense love for the company. Now, she is a Senior at St Ambrose University, studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication and Marketing.

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