Tricking Out Your SAINT: Top AR Customizations

By Michael Mills
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Tricking Out Your SAINT: Top AR Customizations

June 6th, 2022

4:24 runtime

The SAINT Victor rifle series of carbines come with great options over a standard mil-spec AR-15. But for those of us that cannot leave good enough alone, there are always options to customize or squeeze a little bit extra out of it.

Man shooting AR-15 rifle with best tactical mods
The Springfield Armory SAINT line of rifles is a great home defense solution out of the box. Nevertheless, certain AR-15 mods can make it even more “your own.”

First, let us recap what sets the Saint Victor B5 I have apart from others. My three favorite features on the SAINT are the B5 Systems furniture, the muzzle break and that pinned gas block for extreme use. We also get a flat-faced factory trigger, which is far better than standard curved mil-spec to my mind. Additionally, the Victor’s M-Lok system gives you room for everything you might want to attach to it. So how did I tweak mine, and why?

“Bolt-On” AR-15 Modifications

After you choose your version of the SAINT, you have to think about those immediate outfit needs like optics, lights, slings, and maybe even a handstop or foregrip. For the optic, I chose to go with the EOTech XPS2-0. This optic gives a great view through the objective lens and, if you want a bit more height, slap on a quick-detach American Defense mount like I did. The SAINT did come with some really nice flip-up sights, so no need to search for alternate back-ups.

Reflex sight mounted on an AR-15 rifle
Few things have made an impact on shooting like the reflex-type sight for rifles. Shown above is the EOTech XPS2.

When it came to a solid light with a proven track record, the Streamlight Protac HLX with a solid 1,000 lumens and 26,000 candela fit the bill. This light is not only wallet-friendly, it gives a very well-rounded light pattern for both indoor and medium distances.

Flashlight modification for AR rifle
White lights should be one of your first considerations on any defensive rifle. This Streamlight HLX rides on the author’s SAINT.

The last thing to make it a runner was a good sling from Flatline Fiber. This two-point padded sling with QD attachments made a perfect fit for everyday use, training or full-on tactical competition. 

Maximizing the SAINT’s Performance

There is something about a flat-faced drop in trigger that changes the whole way a rifle performs for me. While the one from the factory in the SAINT Victor is a great trigger, I could not help myself but “tweak” some more.

Trigger mod for AR-15
The SAINT Victor comes with a great nickel boron coated trigger, but the author took it a step further with a Rise Armament 140 drop-in unit.

In the search to keep the price within reason but get a great trigger, I turned to Rise Armament. The Rave 140 trigger is a crisp and clean single-stage drop-in trigger that you don’t even need anti-walk pins for. This trigger will provide a 4.5-lb. break that is extremely consistently and gives the same flat-faced feel that the stock Springfield Armory trigger provides.

The last performance gain is a good ambidextrous charging handle. The charging handle was by Trybe Defense.

What Does All This Accomplish?

When it comes to anything from a pistol to a rifle, when the word “performance” is mentioned, barrels and triggers are the first things that come to mind. With the SAINT, we get a nice 4150CMV, so no use changing that out till it’s worn out. For the trigger, we can squeeze a little more performance out of the rifle.

Tactical or home use sling modification for AR
Slings are another AR mod that should be considered for any defensive firearm. This Flatline Fiber two-point sling is a great add-on for any SAINT rifle.

Triggers such as these can help with speeding up split times on the range, and they just feel great with very little creep. The extended charging handle gives a bit more meat to grab onto when performing load drills or malfunction drills from the strong or off-side.

AR15 Mods: Wants vs. Needs

Outfitting your rifle is a very personal choice. With the wide array of optics, lights and all other parts available for the SAINT Victor rifle, how do we choose? I make these decisions based on needs versus wants. In my opinion we need a good optic, light and sling, and then we can really maximize the use of the rifle.

Modified AR-15 for self defense and tactical use
Your choices when modifying your AR might be different from those of the author. That’s the great thing about the platform: infinite customization options to match your needs.

Once the needs are fulfilled, then we get to look at things we want for customization or speed and performance. Anyway you build it, just remember to get plenty of ammo to go out and enjoy it. 

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Michael Mills

Michael Mills

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